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A holistic test series spanning both Preliminary and Main Examination Preparation

Scheduled with utmost care

Many a time we see that Prelims test series clashes with Mains Test series. For instance, if a student has History Prelims test this week, he cannot study for a Mains test on GS2. It would render his efforts useless if he tries to finish them both, especially in the early days of preparation. In order to minimise such effect, our schedule makes sure that your Prelims test preparation is in sync with that of Main Test Preparation. This would make you perform better in tests, and thus stay motivated for the rest of the journey

Note: If the student isn’t taking the test on the mentioned date or the buffer date, he can attempt it later as well. But in the latter case, self-evaluation has to be done since the Answer Key with explanations will have been provided by then


Students will be provided with classroom discussion of these tests with subject experts. Students will be provided continual guidance on paper analysis, approach, important study areas and how to plan and structure their studies through our LRP

Detailed explanations to both correct and Incorrect options will be provided. It also covers the entire gamut of information on important areas and topics covered in Mock questions will be provided. This will help students cover the most important and exam relevant topics with sufficient clarity.


1. Legacy IAS material is for the individual only. In case a student is found involved in any violation of copyrights of Legacy IAS material, the admission to the test series will be cancelled.

2. All modes fee payment accepted

3. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances.

4. Legacy IAS reserves all rights related to admission.

5. Question paper will be provided in person or online, but the answer -analysis of mock test papers will NOT be in Physical form and will not be dispatched.

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