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Editorials/Opinions Analyses For UPSC 23 August 2021

Contents Are oil bonds to blame for high fuel prices? Are oil bonds to blame for high fuel prices? Context: The Centre has argued that it cannot reduce taxes on petrol and diesel as it has to bear the burden of payments in lieu of oil bonds issued by the previous UPA government to subsidize […]

Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Exam – 23rd August 2021 | Legacy IAS Academy

Contents Draft Arunachal Inheritance Bill RBI, IRDAI nod must for FDI in bank-led insurance Fusion Ignition for the first time in U.S. Ubharte Sitaare fund Draft Arunachal Inheritance Bill Context: The draft Arunachal Pradesh Marriage and Inheritance of Property Bill, 2021, envisaging land rights for girls has met with stiff opposition in the State. Experts […]

IUCN Red List

The IUCN Red List brings into focus the ongoing decline of Earth’s biodiversity and the influence humans have on life on the planet. It provides a globally accepted standard with which to measure the conservation status of species over time.   By 2019, 96,500 species had been assessed by using the IUCN Red List categories and criteria. Of these, more than […]

The rumbling hills of Himachal Pradesh

Context: As hydro power projects, dams and construction activities are increasing, landslides too are becoming common in Himachal Pradesh, especially in the tribal districts of Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur which have seen incessant rains. Relevance: GS-III: Environment and Ecology (Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment) Dimensions of the Article: Issues in Himachal Pradesh Role […]

GSI lists geo-tourism sites in NE

Context: The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has identified certain geological sites across the Northeast for promotion of geo-tourism as some States in the region prepare to ‘unlock’ from September 2021. Relevance: Prelims, GS-I: Geography (Geographical Features and their Location) Dimensions of the Article: About the Geological Survey of India (GSI) About the places notified […]

India ratifies Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

Context: Five years after it fought hard to successfully negotiate favourable terms for itself, India decided to ratify a key amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Relevance: GS-III: Environment and Ecology (International Treaties & Agreements, Environmental Pollution & Degradation) Dimensions of the Article: Conventions related to Ozone depletion Kigali Amendment About India’s ratification of Kigali Amendment […]

China passes three-child policy into law

Context: For the first time China allowed couples to have a third child in a further relaxation of family planning rules five years after a “two-child policy” largely failed to boost birth rates. CHina formally amended the country’s family planning rules to allow couples to have three children, also announcing a number of policy measures […]

Important Mountain Passes in India

A pass is a gap, or break, in high, rugged terrain such as a mountain ridge. It can be formed due to glacial movement or by rivers or as a result of gaps remaining since their formation. Passes often provide the easiest routes for people to travel across steep mountain ranges. For this reason, they have played […]

Taliban take over Afghanistan

The US and NATO forces have decided to leave Afghanistan. The US has set a deadline of 11th September 2021- two decades to the day since the felling of the World Trade Centre. Taliban swept across Afghanistan in just 10 days, taking their first provincial capital on 6 August. As of 16th August 2021, every […]