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Best Online IAS Coaching in Bangalore for UPSC Exam 2023

Legacy IAS Academy offers India’s Best Online Coaching for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023 with its own platform for Live and 2-way Interactive classes, which will mimic the classroom experience at the comfort of your home. In addition Legacy IAS Academy also provides for its Prelims and Mains Test Series to be taken up through its own Online Portal.


Legacy IAS Academy’s ONLINE Coaching platform ensures that in the situations where you are unable to be present in the classroom, such as the ones exposed by the pandemic – you can still attend the Live and Interactive Online sessions from anywhere without missing out on asking doubts and answering questions. Aspirants can attend live online lectures, participate in group discussions, ask doubts as the class goes on, give answers to the teacher’s questions, etc., in real-time, interacting with the teacher and fellow students like it used to happen in classroom teaching.


Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Coaching for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023 will follow the SAME Course Plan and Structure, Pedagogy, Materials, Tests etc., as it is in the Foundation Course and Prelims-cum-Mains Course, both of which are available in Offline + Online modes.


When can you enroll for the Best Online Coaching classes for UPSC Civil Services Exam?



BatchDateClass TimingsCourse DetailsBatch Status
L4R23 Regular Batch30th NOV 202310:00 AM To 01:00 PM 02:00 PM To 05:00 PMGENERAL STUDIES [ PRELIMS-CUM-MAINS] + OPTIONAL SUBJECT + CSAT + INTERVIEW GUIDANCE + LRP + ESSAYAdmissions Closed

Legacy IAS Academy's platform for ONLINE UPSC COACHING

  • Legacy IAS Academy’s platform uses a screen that acts as a BOARD in the background with the teacher in the foreground, giving a semblance of the classroom.
  • The Online platform provides for a chat-box to be used for ASKING DOUBTS and GIVING ANSWERS to the questions asked in class in REAL-TIME.
  • VOICE ACCESS can also be granted by the teacher to allow the students to ask their doubts directly, enunciate answers or take part in discussions as required.
  • The files and materials used in the online class such as PDF files or Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) files will also be available for the students to access in an organized manner.
  • The platform utilizes a “whiteboard” which broadcasts what the faculty is writing as it would work in a normal physical classroom and the same is projected on the screen for the students sitting inside the classroom. This means the Online students see as it would be visible from within the classroom.
  • The Online coaching platform also records the sessions and provides for the recorded sessions to be accessed within half-an-hour after the end of the session. The recorded classes will be available throughout the entire course duration and we will NOT hold unreasonable conditions such as “recorded videos will be available only for ‘n’ days” or “recorded videos will only be given in pen drives and hard disks.” Hence, students go over everything again at their own pace.
  • Every student who has enrolled for Online Coaching classes for UPSC Exam at Legacy IAS Academy will be given access to their personalized dashboard on the portal.
  • From the dashboard, the students can view all the different subjects that are a part of their course.
  • For each subject, the following will be made available in an organized manner in the portal –
    • Scheduled Live-and-Interactive classes
    • Recorded Videos from Previous Classes
    • Files such as study materials etc., to be shared for the subject
    • Files used by the teacher such as PDFs and PPTs as deemed necessary
    • Other videos such as test discussion videos or current affairs videos as necessary.

Other Key Points regarding Online Coaching Classes for UPSC 2023 provided by Legacy IAS Academy

  • Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Coaching classes are Highly interactive sessions. These aren’t recorded classes.
  • Students can raise queries in Real-Time in our Live Online Coaching Classes. You need not wait for the session to get over or to get in touch with the teachers later on.
  • Class notes, Study Materials in the form of Modules, Current Affairs Compilations, etc., will be provided in PDF format. If you need a physical copy, it will be posted to your address upon request as well.
  • The portal allows for High quality video classes to be streamed in real time with minimal consumption of Internet Data.
  • Classes start at convenient time – early in the day from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM. This gives enough time for the aspirant to study and indulge in crucial activities like Mains Answer-writing practice in the remaining time.
  • As a part of the Online Coaching classes, Mains Answer writing practice will also be included as a part of the course and all that the students need to do is send across the scanned PDFs of their answers which will be evaluated and sent back as scanned copies.
  • Online students will also be a part of Whatsapp and Telegram groups which includes teachers. Here, the students can ask questions at any point and get their doubts cleared.
  • More than 100 topic-based class tests will be conducted online. Along with these, there are 45 subject-wise and full length Online tests for prelims that will be conducted on the online portal. You will also get to know the relative performance batch-wise and subject-wise after the completion of these tests.
  • Along with the Prelims tests, more than 20 Mains tests will also be conducted. The online students have the option of visiting the institute at Jayanagar, Bangalore, and write the Mains tests in the Institute itself and submit their answer copies directly, to experience the ‘Exam-hall’ scenario. Students can also send the scanned copies of their answer sheets.
  • Current Affairs notes, Editorial analysis and PIB Summaries will be provided on a daily basis, thus students need not go through the pangs of sifting through the entire newspaper.
  • Online Students also have the option of contacting the administration department for upgrading to attend the Offline classes at the Institute at any point of time.

Legacy IAS Academy's Platform for (Prelims and Mains) Online Tests for UPSC

Along with the platform for conducting online classes for UPSC exam, Legacy IAS Academy has also come up with a platform for conducting its tests via. online mode.


Legacy IAS Academy’s ONLINE UPSC TEST SERIES platform is a student friendly and easy-to-use portal for conducting BOTH PRELIMS AND MAINS tests for IAS aspirants.


About the Prelims Tests conducted through Legacy IAS Academy’s Online UPSC Test platform


  • The e-test platform allows for smooth navigation through the Prelims questions (MCQs) and provisions for marking questions to attempt them later and reviewing marked questions are also made available.
  • The Prelims Tests employs a state-of-the-art feature to provide for “Subject-wise”, “Batch-wise” and “Difficulty-based” analysis of the student’s performance in tests. Such analysis will help a student in accurately gauging the progress, strengths and weaknesses and provide for a more effective planning in preparation.
  • The Prelims Tests will be graded and the results and batch-wise ranks will be available immediately after completion of the test.
  • The online test platform also allows for the institute to conduct the frequently held class-tests and surprise tests (apart from the test series) to seamlessly integrate the tests with the student’s preparation from online classes.
  • Along with the results, marks and rankings, a student can also download or view the detailed explanations provided for each MCQ question in the Prelims test and learn from their mistakes without delay.
  • The tests conducted on the e-test platform will also be discussed by the faculty in the online classes platform.
  • There are more than 45 full-length Prelims Tests as a part of the Prelims Test-Series (apart from the numerous class-tests conducted for online students) which will be made available on the e-test portal.

About the Mains Tests conducted through Legacy IAS Academy's Online UPSC Test platform

Legacy IAS Academy’s online test portal allows for conducting Mains tests as well. The mode of conduction of the test and evaluation is quite different as is the nature of the Mains test.


  • For Mains Tests the students will be able to download or view the question paper and will have to write the answers for the same on A4 sheets as per the directions.
  • Within the provided time-limit, a student has to complete writing the descriptive answers on the A4 sheets and scan them using their smartphones or scanners.
  • The scanned PDFs should be uploaded on the portal which will then be accessed by the relevant expert faculties themselves for evaluation.
  • After submission of the answers, students can also download the synopsis provided for each mains test to get an idea on how they should has answered each question.
  • Evaluated answer copies with feedback from the expert faculties will be available on the portal itself in a time-bound manner after submission.
  • Similar to the Prelims tests, the Mains tests held via. Online Test Portal will also be discussed on the Online classes platform.
  • There are more than 20 full-length Mains tests as a part of the Test-Series that will be conducted through the Online portal apart from the numerous class-based mains tests.

The Genesis of Legacy IAS Academy's Online UPSC Coaching platform

Legacy IAS Academy is one of the first amongst the top IAS coaching academies in India which has pioneered in teaching through interactive-online classes by employing its own platform. The genesis of Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Coaching portal can be traced to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which hampered preparations for many aspirants who relied exclusively on physical classes for IAS exam preparation. However, it was a different story at Legacy IAS Academy, where, in order to help our students maintain consistency in their preparation, we came up with a solution that virtually provides a near-physical classroom setting. The main problem with Online IAS Coaching classes is that of doubt clarification in real time. The Best IAS coaching in Bangalore or elsewhere would always try to incorporate the solutions that address this particular concern, and Legacy IAS Academy has effectively provided for a way to engage in the classroom in real-time for doubt clarifications and discussions.


With the recent developments in ed-tech industry, you don’t have to physically be present in classrooms to receive top-notch education, and along the same lines Legacy IAS Academy offers its best resources, quality guidance and pedagogy for IAS Exam preparation through its online platforms for classes and tests. The conversion from “Offline Only” to “Online + Offline” has been smooth and well received by both students and teachers, thanks to the launch Legacy IAS Academy’s student-friendly and classroom-like platform around 2 years ago. For us, just completing the syllabus by delivering information isn’t teaching! We take activities like interaction, doubt-clarification, test-taking, application of knowledge, understanding of concepts etc., seriously.


Students are welcome to join India’s best 2 way communication-oriented Live Online Class for IAS/UPSC Preparation!


Our Online Class platform
Our Test Series platform
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FAQs About Online IAS Coaching in Bangalore

Students enrolled to either the Offline classes or the Live-Online classes will be provided with Study Materials in the form of Modules for each of the Static Subjects along with Monthly Compilations of Current Affairs and other Miscellaneous materials as applicable.

As far as the Online students within India are concerned, physical copies of the study materials will be sent to their address via. post upon request.

  • Comprehensive, Relevant and Updated Study Materials for each of the Static Subjects such as Indian Economy, Physical and Indian Geography, Indian Polity, Environment and Ecology and more, will be provided from the institute to supplement your preparation.
  • A student ONLY needs: ONE Standard Book, Legacy IAS Modules for and the Class Notes for each subject to prepare holistically for the exam.
  • Daily Current Affairs Notes prepared from various newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, etc., will be provided along with Editorial Analysis and PIB Summaries of the government’s press releases on the Press Information Bureau website. A monthly compilation of the Current Affairs notes, Editorial Analysis, and PIB summaries will be provided as well.
  • Along with the Static Subject Notes and Daily Current Affairs, you will also get Daily Quizzes based on Current affairs and Static subjects.

Study Material of Legacy IAS

Yes, Online Coaching classes for the Optional Subjects are also available at Legacy IAS Academy.

  • The Optional Subjects Program (OSP) is designed to cover the entire syllabus of the Optional Subject from the surface to the depths, irrespective of having background knowledge in the subject.
  • The Optional Subjects will be covered in 3 hour classes on Saturdays and Sundays over a duration of 5 months.
  • Classes for the Optional Subjects provided at the institute are for the following subjects: Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.
  • Expert Faculty and Guest faculty for the Optional Subjects have more than 5 years of teaching experience and they will ensure that your preparation for the two papers dedicated for the optional subject in your mains exam is at the maximum potential.

Yes, Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme (LRP) is now modified to be accessible even for Online Students.

LRP is the most intensive programme that any institute can aim to provide – with the target of “leaving no stone unturned” when it comes to covering the syllabus of the exam. As Online Students, in order to keep up with the Offline students, the aspirants need to put in extra-efforts from the comfort of their homes in terms of completing the tasks/assignments given as a part of the LRP Programme.


Some features of LRP that will boost your rates of success are:


  • Blueprint for success broken down to an hourly-schedule for each day
  • Applying knowledge from the exam perspective through Special Assignments and tests
  • Regular progress checks and monitoring of gaps in improvement
  • Individual Attention taken to the next level with doubt clearance and answer writing guidance
  • Covers every single concept at a ‘micro-topic level’ along with the understanding of importance levels
  • Special Graded tests with increasing difficulty levels for both Mains and Prelims
  • Special sessions for Current Affairs coverage and Prelims bits in Static Subjects

Yes, all Online students can contact the administration department of the institute and request for an upgrade from Online classes to Offline classes.


The request will be processed immediately and transition will be smooth – allowing you to attend the physical classroom sessions on the very next day of informing itself.

Yes, students can seamlessly switch between online and offline modes for giving both Prelims and Mains tests as they are conducted.


It is important for students to experience the environment as they would during the actual UPSC Civil Services Exam. Hence, to understand and experience the feeling of physically sitting in an exam-hall, students can visit the institute and give the tests in offline mode as well.

Yes, we will conduct the offline and online classes simultaneously to maximize the classroom-feeling along with live interaction for online students.

The Online students will see the “whiteboard” as it is projected on the screen for the Offline students sitting in the classroom.

  • We will follow a 2 hours per day, 2 subjects per week model for the regular batches with the class timings for the Core Subjects being set from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM from Monday to Saturday.
  • Having classes for 2 subjects in a week (3 days of one subject followed by another 3 days of the next subject) will help the students cover the syllabus without having significant time-gaps between the completed subjects while keeping the student interested.
  • Over 800 Hours of classes (including Optional and CSAT classes) is offered in the Foundation Course (January batch) for the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2023. Teachers with expert domain knowledge (and at least 3 appearances in the Interview) will provide a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus from the perspectives of both the Prelims and the Main exam.
  • The class timings are designed in a such a manner to enable an aspirant to utilize the remainder of the day for undeniably important and crucial activities such as mains answer writing practice and notes making. The truth is that – it is not just about completing the syllabus by attending classes, but it is actually about putting in extra effort towards utilizing what was taught into writing answers – that helps you in clearing the exam.

No, the students enrolled for Online classes under the Foundation Course model or the Prelims-cum-Mains model will be given access to both the Offline and Online modes of Test Series WITHOUT ANY EXTRA FEES.

The different modes of assessment that are available for every Online Student are:

  • 48 Prelims Tests as a part of the Prelims Test Series (Offline and Online)
  • 22 GS Mains Tests as a part of the Mains Test Series (Offline and Online)
  • 5 Essay Tests as a part of the Mains Test Series (Offline and Online)
  • Prelims and Mains Class tests conducted frequently on weekends (not a part of Test Series)
  • Surprise Tests (Online and Offline)
  • Daily Static Quiz and Daily Current Affairs Quiz (Online only)

Yes, Online Students who qualify for the Interview round are eligible for Interview Guidance Programme as well.


As a part of the Interview Guidance Programme, we will be supporting you in:


  1. DAF Based Assessment by the Experts along with DAF discussion
  2. Personality Development sessions
  3. Mock Interviews and Feedback sessions
  4. Providing Home State and District specific Questionnaire and support for answers
  5. Providing Basic and Hobby-related Questionnaire and support for answers
  6. Guidance on Presentation of oneself and Navigation through Probable questions
  7. Guidance on Controlling the “direction” of the interview and Dodging controversial statements
  8. Covering Current Affairs for the Interview