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Subject Wise Current Affairs GS-2 International Relations

How to Prepare International Relations for UPSC

International Relations is a major topic in the UPSC Mains Exam’s General Studies Paper-2. Every year, 100-point questions from this area are asked, making it extremely vital for getting good grades on this paper.


It’s worth noting that International Relations is primarily a current-affairs-based topic for UPSC Mains. As a result, in order to write elaborate yet effective replies to the topics presented in the tests, you must have a solid command of current events.


Because there is no single book that contains all of the information, it is essential to prepare brief and simple notes on this subject. Furthermore, the UPSC’s International Relations topic is exceedingly dynamic and heavily reliant on current events.


To prepare your own notes, read newspapers and the official website of the Department of External Affairs in addition to the compulsory standard literature.


It’s reasonable to be perplexed because it affects relations with all of the major countries. As a result, maintain updating your notes to the best of your ability in order to recall anything you’re studying on a regular basis.


The most essential thing now is to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked on the exam and prepare answers accordingly. This is the result of completing the previous year’s papers. It will provide you first-hand experience with how the questions are asked. As a result, you’ll be more prepared to respond to questions about this issue.


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