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One-stop solution for a holistic preparation including the General Studies & Optional syllabus and a Standardized Test-series.

Real-IAS-ation: 2023

A voluntary program for aspirants, as an add-on exclusively to our students, comprising extra-revision classes and discussions on approach

Prelims-cum-Mains: 2023

The course encompasses the Prelims and Mains General Studies syllabus in its entirety along with the Test-series


1- Prelims Test Series 2022
2- Mains Test Series 2022
3- Pre+Mains Test Series 2022

Envisioned to enhance the chances of clearing the exam with questions based on Brainstorming by Subject matter experts.

Enhance Your Skills With Updated UPSC Study Material

Current Affairs

CONTENTS: Amar Jawan Jyoti merged with National War Memorial U.S., Russia seek to ease Ukraine tensions Importers, govt. duel in SC over GST on ocean freight Saraswati river...
CONTENTS: The question of OBC reservation in local bodies The shift from Jakarta to Nusantara SC upholds OBC quota in NEET Amendments to the IAS (Cadre) Rules The...

PIB Analysis

CONTENTS Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose State formation Day Rural Area Development Plan Formulation and Implementation Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Focus: GS I- Modern History Why in News? The...
CONTENTS DAY-NRLM BrahMos supersonic cruise missile DAY-NRLM Focus: GS II- Welfare schemes Why in News? Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM) has observed ‘Agri Nutri...

Editorial Analysis

Contents: Setting sail for a powerful India-German partnership Setting sail for a powerful India-German partnership Context: The German Navy frigate Bayern landed in Mumbai on January 20, 2022....
Contents: Drop the IAS cadre rules amendments Yemen’s tragedy Drop the IAS Cadre Rules Amendments Context: The Central Government has proposed four amendments to Rule 6(1) of the...


Watch important strategies, guidelines, best practices, expert views, and analysis for UPSC Preparation by Legacy IAS Team.

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Why Legacy IAS Academy is Best IAS Coaching Among the Top 10 UPSC Coaching in Bangalore?

Limited Batch Size: Maximum 40 Students per class to foster interactions

Access to Faculty beyond class hours for Doubt Clearance and Motivation

Dedicated Library with ample reference books and Internet Facilities

Revision classes emphasizing crucial topics to excel in the Exam

Laying a healthy foundation for every subject easing one’s ability to amalgamate Current Affairs

Holistic approach towards preparation with focus on Prelims and Mains from the inception

Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice and Class tests after the completion of every section in all the subjects

Always open to Feedback, with prompt Response and Redressal

State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Amenities

Located in Jayanagar, the environs are cleaner with enough Greenery. Also, Accessibility via Public Transport (Metro and Bus)

Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore

Legacy IAS Academy is ranked at 1st position among the top 10 IAS Coaching in Bangalore Karnataka, India. Start Your UPSC Preparation with India’s Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore.

Legacy IAS Academy has been acclaimed as the best IAS coaching in Bangalore for UPSC exam preparation in India 2021. Its abode being Jayanagar, Bangalore, which is fresh with lush green vegetation, can be reassuring for a student community that thrives and bustles with knowledge. This Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore has laid a strong foundation for many civil servants who have kickstarted their journey to mould themselves as successful civil servants of the present and the future.

Legacy IAS academy emphatically boasts of giving individual attention by designing a program to mentor every student. Such a program is christened “Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Program” or simply “LRP”. Its efficacy has been manifested over the years in the incremental results produced.

To achieve the objective of giving the nation the best bureaucrats, Legacy IAS Academy India’s Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore has breathed a sense of discipline into the LRP by keeping the batch sizes appropriate to fit the pragmatic design and a realistic structure of the program.

The philosophy behind a batch size in the range of 35-45 is that – ‘the batch size of beyond 50 is unmanageable or will lack in individual attention. And a batch size less than 30 is no good either for it wouldn’t promote deliberations and discussions or if you are to call spade a spade, there will be attrition eventually and strength of the class would decrease.”

For any batch, the student-to-faculty ratio will never exceed 8:1. This ensures tutor accessibility for doubt clarification, answer writing evaluation in the class and beyond. This ratio has also helped the institution to deliver on ‘mentoring’ in its truest sense – that is not just giving a plan or a strategy but to handhold the student during the ups and downs of his/her preparation in terms of motivation, health, and counseling on the same.

Mentoring through LRP also brings to the fore the ability of the institute and the program to ingrain the dynamics of the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which is continuously evolving and sometimes goes for ‘inadvertent overhaul’.

The programs we offer provide numerous options to the aspirants. Join Legacy IAS Courses for UPSC preparation 2021-22. And we do keep in mind the productivity and the practicality of all the courses we offer so that they encapsulate quality, irrespective of what program one selects.

These dextrously crafted unique approaches copiously help aspirants to find the programs that match their cognitive style.

Delivering on a promise made, smoothly and efficaciously, requires adequate resources which are second to none in quality.

For initiatives like ours, the essential demand that must be met is the coming together of minds to brainstorm on roadmaps, strategies, content, and teaching. Several teams in the front end and many more at the backend wade through ideas and pick the best ones which enhance the prospect of our students having their name in the rank list.

Students become more informed and knowledgeable upon being trained by our tutors who are well versed in their fields of study, thus acting as catalysts to land their dream profession.

“The promise we make is to deliver on your dream, a dream that’s in unison with hundreds joining us…”

Come, Realize your Dream –  Call us at 9606900004 / Register

 Legacy IAS Online Coaching for UPSC Preparation 2022-23

In the midst of a pandemic that’s raging across India in spells for over a year now, it is imperative for us to embrace solutions that are safe, yet effective from students’ perspectives.

One such solution is Online Coaching for IAS. As a step in this very direction, Legacy IAS Academy has adopted a well-organized and user-friendly online coaching platform for IAS preparation to impart quality education.

The virtual classes and their backup on the online platform play an all too significant role in the preparation process. The online  IAS classes would be an apt supplement for the preparation that happens at home. This virtual solution encompasses all the programs offered by the institute, be it for students enrolling for online-only or offline-only courses.

The online UPSC classes provide ample space for students to ask questions and get quality feedback from tutors. Administrators and staff walk the extra mile to ensure that the Online Program works flawlessly. The recordings aid students to schedule their studies rather conveniently, as also revise the classes for concept clarifications and better retention.

Being amongst the best IAS Coaching In Bangalore, Legacy IAS Academy has made every effort to simulate the offline classes with a virtual solution. Enroll Now for Online IAS  Coaching with Legacy IAS Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions About UPSC Coaching in Bangalore

How To Choose the Best Coaching for IAS in Bangalore?

Enough caution is to be exercised and thought has to be put in before one chooses an IAS Coaching institute or a Centre to pursue their dream of becoming an Officer in Civil Services. It is a well-known fact that to be a part of this brethren, one is to expend a considerable amount of time and energy.

However, this alone wouldn’t suffice to guarantee a berth in the final merit list of UPSC. As an Aspirant, one has to find the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore which does lend a helping hand even as one treads this very path.

Some of the aspects/factors an aspirant needs to keep in mind to choose the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore 2021 would include:

  1. ALWAYS PAY A VISIT: Do not join any UPSC coaching in Bangalore without visiting. Ornate and polite words on-call can lure you to join, but a visit in person would give a fair bit of idea as to what an IAS institute can offer
  2. SPEAKING TO INCHARGE: It’s important to have a communication line open with the people who actually run the IAS Coaching institute. This is necessitated for the sole reason that they would never run away from the genuine student issues that need redressal
  3. ALWAYS BETTER TO VISIT 3-4 INSTITUTIONS BEFORE MAKING A DECISION: Making a decision on the basis of just what is said at one institute would be rather unwise. After visiting some top-rated IAS Coaching Institutes in Bangalore, weigh in the pros and cons, and then proceed to select
  4. DISTANCE ALONE SHOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE: A lot of time would be lost in travel if you stay at a distant place. But, just thinking of travel time, one shouldn’t end up in the wrong place. If a Best UPSC Coaching institute is located close by, consider yourself lucky. If not, move in closer to the institute or use public transport, where you can have some time utilized for studying
  5. PERSONAL GUIDANCE/MENTORING: The IAS exam poses a lot of challenges at various levels of preparation. Given that every person has varied needs in order to excel, a personal guide is very much essential. A mentor would focus on one person at a time, listen to the problems, and provide suitable solutions
  6. CLASS SIZE/STRENGTH: The usual “Bigger the Better” commonsensical rule doesn’t hold good in a learning environment. Smaller classes are always better for one can ask questions and get most of the doubts clarified. Also, one gets to speak without the fear of judgment when the class is smaller.
  7. DEMO CLASS: Generally, when asked for a Demo class, the response in most IAS institutes is that they would arrange for one. A Best IAS Coaching Centre which allows you to enter any ongoing class and ask you to consider it as a demo would qualify as the one with the best teachers.
  8. LIBRARY: A dedicated library with the least disturbance and enough study material can also be considered as an important factor

Is Bangalore a Good City for UPSC Preparation?

There existed a notion that Delhi was the hub for IAS preparation harboring some of the Best Institutes for UPSC Coaching. With almost all the best institutions having a footprint across India including Bangalore, this myth is now a thing of the past. Bangalore, as a center for UPSC Preparation, has its own advantages. The climate is moderate which is conducive for the assimilation of information pertinent to the exam. Further, connectivity via public transport is good enough making transit across the city easy, bringing IAS Academies closer to aspirants. The cost of living is relatively lower than that of Delhi.

Most importantly, the tuition fees are very much on the lower side, even for some of the Best IAS Academies in Bangalore in comparison with the below-average ones in Delhi. Given that most people throng towards Delhi for their preparation, extra pressure on the aspirant will be built as a result of perceived competition. This is not true of Bangalore, yet, except the Vijayanagar area, where too many institutions have found a foothold.

Which Institute Is Best for IAS Coaching in Bangalore?

Legacy IAS Academy is the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore. Since its start, this academy is delivering excellent results. Legacy IAS is a name of trust in the UPSC Coaching category. The IAS Academy has Experienced Faculties, Interactive classes with limited batch strength. Also, Legacy IAS Academy provides support post-admission, Library facilities, Doubt clearance, and Mentoring. These are the unique features that make legacy IAS the Best among other Coaching Institutes.

What Are the Steps to Become an IAS Officer?

To put it across in the simplest of terms, one needs to clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination in order to become an officer of the Indian Administrative Service, i.e., IAS Officer.

The Civil Services Exam (CSE) is popularly known as IAS Exam, and it is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year for recruitment of officers into the Civil Services such as IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Service), IRS (Indian Revenue Service) amongst others.

The Civil Services Exam consists of 3 Stages, viz., Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Each of these stages is eliminatory in nature, aiming to qualify only the deserving candidates to move on to the next stage.

Prelims – The Civil Services Preliminary exam comprises two compulsory papers of 200 marks each (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper-II). The questions will be of multiple-choice, objective type. The marks in prelims will not be counted for final ranking, but just for qualification for the main exam.

Mains – The written examination (main) will consist of nine papers, but only 7 papers will be counted for the final merit ranking. For the rest two papers, the candidate should secure minimum marks prescribed by the commission each year.

Interview – The candidate will be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a record of his/her career. He/she will be asked questions on matters of general interest.

Candidates who successfully clear All the stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam join the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) for initial training, thus getting a taste of their life as an officer.

Does Legacy IAS Provide Free Interview Preparation Guidance?

Yes, Legacy IAS Academy is a professional and reliable IAS coaching institute based in Bangalore Karnataka India. It provides the Free IAS Interview Mentoring Programme for daring dreamers.  The one-to-one personality assessment and training session will be held by Senior Bureaucrats & Eminent Personality. If you are one of them then Schedule your UPSC Mock Interview at Legacy IAS Academy.

What Is The Fee for Best IAS coaching in Bangalore?

The fee of Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore varies from course to course and institute to institute. Most of the so-called Top IAS coaching institutes usually charge anywhere between ₹1,60,000 and ₹2,20,000 for a foundation course (usually spans 15/18 months). On the other end of the continuum, we find institutes offering the same course for as little as ₹30,000. The former appears to be too high, riding on the fame. The latter is too low, considering the economic cost. So, the reasonable fees for a foundation course would be anywhere between ₹90,000 and ₹1,35,000. Legacy IAS academy offers this course with optimal quality at ₹1,30,000 subject to further reduction based on factors like the merit of the student, EWS category, etc.

Is One Year Preparation Enough To Crack UPSC Exam?

YES!! But, the starting point of that one-year preparation should be one year before the Prelims examination i.e., May/June of the previous year. If we are considering the whole cycle which encompasses the 3 stages, then a continuous dedication of 18 months is a prerequisite. An aspirant who has the preparation on fundamentals much before one year would be in a better position to crack the exam. However, at the end of the day, a proper study plan with an optimal concentration on effective study material would attract 18 months of time.

How Many Hours Per Day One Should Study for UPSC?

The number of hours that matter is not the time you spend before the books, but the number of hours you spend grasping the concepts and content Effectively. If one were to talk about the effective number of hours, it depends on the person’s learning style and his/her suitable strategies. Some are fast learners and others are slow learners. In either case, the effective number of hours per day to be spent by an aspirant is 7-8 hours. These many hours are to be spent on a  consistent basis for up to 16-18 months. One must ensure taking breaks occasionally to avoid fatigue-induced weariness. You should break up the UPSC syllabus and make a realistic time-bound study plan. Any big task can be completed by finishing it in smaller bits. Make a resolve to stick to the plan, making amendments to the plan only when absolutely necessary.

Is Legacy IAS Academy a group of retired IAS/IPS/IRS Officers?

Yes, Legacy IAS Academy does have a group of retired IAS/IPS/IRS officers providing guidance and insights to the institute. They primarily motivate the students and expose them to the real underpinnings of governance. They also guide the students in personality development and in mock interviews. They take some classes on various topics like Internal security, disaster management, the role of civil services in democracy, code of conduct of civil servants, etc., even as the experienced tutors handle the primary topics which engross dynamism within their ambit. An academy cannot have retired IAS/IPS/IRS officers as their core faculty since these officers have their energies channeled elsewhere in a much more important sphere of life. But no doubt, Legacy IAS Academy does have an experienced team of teaching faculty aided by veteran officers.

Does legacy IAS Provide Online Classes for UPSC?

Yes, Legacy IAS Academy is one of the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore, India that Provides Online IAS Coaching Classes for UPSC Civil Services exam preparation. In most cities, IAS Coaching Institutes are not allowed to open for classroom coaching classes. so keeping this situation in mind, Legacy IAS has taken this step to provide online classes so that your IAS preparation is ongoing.


Our Students are our true brand ambassadors and here they speak their heart about LIA……

  • Clientfdsa Image


    The best infrastructure put together with awesome faculty with a dash of personal touch. In a time where almost all coaching centres have become overcrowded with every move aiming at earning more, here with India's Best Coaching in Bangalore you will find a good connection between a teacher and student and a lot of importance given to consistency in your approach to UPSC. With Pavan sir teaching Polity and Sagar sir teaching Economy, Ethics and Psychology, you are bound to fall in love with learning subjects you once thought were boring and stay on the right track at the best coaching centre in Bangalore.

  • Clientfdsa Image

    Shruti Prajapati

    Legacy IAS is best IAS academy in Bangalore!!... With good and helping subject matter experts 👌 very friendly and helpful non-teaching staff and some inspirational talks by officers or retired officers like Ashok Sarvi sir and Kailashnath sir.

  • Clientfdsa Image

    Sujith Venkatesh

    There are many coaching institutes for the IAS exam including the ones in Delhi claiming many results. But in reality, all are fake. I've prepared in Hyderabad and Delhi for 3 years but didn't clear the prelims of my 5 attempts. Legacy IAS Academy showed me how much of basic knowledge I lack. I wish I had guidance like Sagar Sir and Pavan sir's earlier. Prelims is 100% guaranteed thanks to their current affairs notes and the institute is training aspirants for mains and interview now itself. Good work LIA team, please continue

  • Clientfdsa Image

    Siddhant Singh

    Teachers here are very good. The way they teach makes you memorize in the first time. The notes provided by teachers are very easy to understand and after reading it you surely answer in the best way that is required. They guide in a proper way and clarify all our doubts. The institute infrastructure is good. It has computer labs with full internet access to all UPSC related material available online. Also you study here as much time you wish to.

  • Clientfdsa Image

    Sriram Jamadagni

    I spent a year in Legacy IAS. Experienced and friendly faculties. They make the concepts easy to understand. Limited students in a class so the classes are more interactive. Conducts mock tests every week which are advanced and hence will prepare you to face difficult papers.

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