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Subject Wise Current Affairs GS-1 Geography

In the UPSC, an introduction to geography is given: Both the UPSC Mains Exam’s General Studies Paper 1 and the UPSC Prelims Exam’s GS Paper 1 cover geography. The components that permit human life as well as those that risk it are classified in geography for UPSC syllabus and in general. To put it another way, understanding these aspects will improve your chances of preserving vital human resources.


A good understanding of geography is required for both the IAS Prelims and Mains Exams. Physical geography and human geography are the two types of geographical study. For this topic, you will need to apply your geographical knowledge to both Indian and worldwide geography issues.


There are certain guidelines to follow when studying Geography for the UPSC Exam.


Make sure to use an atlas whenever you’re studying geography. Determine the location of coasts, states, and other locations by looking at the map graphic. This is one of the most effective methods for studying geography for UPSC exams.


Geography is largely a science, with arts and humanities components tossed in for good measure. As a result, you must approach learning it in the same manner you would any other science subject, which is to ask why and how concepts work. There is a separate cause for each reaction. You must study the explanation if you fully realise.


The first few chapters provide a general overview of the subject. You must understand the fundamentals of geography in order to succeed in geography.


Investing the time to analyse and comprehend these topics will aid your understanding of geography while also making the subject more fun. You’ll also be free of memory loss’ chains. Understanding the fundamentals is one of the finest strategies to study Geography for UPSC.


Avoid consuming a large number of books. It’s usually a good idea to have a firm understanding of a few good literature. Because the NCERT textbook has already proven to be beneficial to me, any high-level book will suffice for my study.


If there is a significant shift in the terrain or a significant development in the world’s geography, you should thoroughly prepare for the topic. You will do well in the UPSC exam if you follow these recommendations.


An evaluation of your preparation will also assist you in determining which aspects of your game require improvement.


Current events: Keep up with current events by subscribing to newspapers and publications. Three times a day, thoroughly read the newspaper and a variety of articles to stay up to date on all important information. It would undoubtedly aid your understanding of geography for UPSC Prelims and Mains.


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