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Industry and Infrastructure For UPSC Exam

Industry and Infrastructure Current Affairs For UPSC Exam

One of the most important topics for aspirants to grasp is the topic of industry and infrastructure in GS Paper 3. Many applicants find this section difficult, thus they might use the Legacy IAS Book on Industry and Infrastructure to aid them.


After students have completed the notes and videos for the chapter Industry and Infrastructure, it is crucial for them to assess how much they have learnt from the chapter.


Here’s where the Legacy IAS Test Series comes in. These UPSC MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are designed to help aspirants comprehend the types of questions that will be asked in the final UPSC Prelims and Mains civil services examinations.


By taking these tests, you can not only assess yourself, but also gain a solid understanding of the chapter. Taking exams helps you manage your time and boosts your confidence for the exam.


We offer a variety of tests for you to use in order to learn properly. Taking these tests will undoubtedly aid you in self-evaluation and improving your score.