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Subject Wise Current Affairs for UPSC

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Description: Subject Wise Current Affairs is an effort to make current affairs available in a more organized manner in accordance with the UPSC Syllabus. The same topics will be posted under the Current Affairs Date-wise section as well.

Current affairs are of course the most important aspect in Civil services Exam preparation. We should always analyze Current affairs from the UPSC preliminary exam and the UPSC mains exam perspective.

No matter which subject UPSC asks questions from (economics, environment, History, or from polity), it makes conscious efforts to link the subject to a current affair topic. It thus becomes imperative for us to know what the term current affairs really means from the UPSC point of view. You can get a proper understanding through the analysis of the previous year’s question papers.

If we examine the question papers from 2013 onwards till the 2019 preliminary exam, almost close to 50% of the questions were asked from topics that are of current relevance. The number of questions based on Current Affairs varies from year to year.


The logic behind such a shift in the pattern of question papers explains the intent of UPSC and its quest to have the brightest minds to govern the country. However, for the quest to be fruitful it would be appropriate from the part of UPSC to examine the candidate’s awareness about the society in which he is living. Static knowledge would prove inefficient for such an analysis. Society is dynamic and is subjected to changes. A Civil Servant should have the skills of a barrister and also that of a diplomat in order to cope with the changing society and also show the cognitive skills to coordinate, mobilize arguments and achieve consensus in regard to the execution of his duty. This analytical nature of the duty demands the aspirants to have an analytical mind and awareness of society. This awareness can be imparted only through a broad reading which is beyond the textbook knowledge.

Date-wise current affairs can be accessed here:  Date-wise current affairs

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