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Daily Newsticles

This Section lists out the Articles, Opinions and Editorials from various newspapers on a daily basis.

The UPSC syllabus is more indicative than thorough, and thus necessitates a more extensive learning curve as well as regular updates. The applicant must have a working understanding of practically everything that is going on in society, politics, economics, geography, and history.


Reading the news is an important factor that adds to the above-mentioned criterion. Newspaper articles are relevant to any civil service examination paper, including optional, essay, general studies, and Interview.


Furthermore, because newspapers are dynamic in nature, there is no difference in reading method for a newbie or an experienced seeker. But, on a daily basis, does one really have time to look through so many newspapers and much more articles?


As a result, our Legacy IAS editorial team aims to make your job easier by providing in-depth analyses of major news stories. You won’t have to look for your daily news analysis anywhere else.


We cover daily editorials from various newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, LiveMint, The Times of India and Business Standard. Legacy IAS publishes the best daily editorial analysis for UPSC.