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UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023-24

Legacy IAS Elite Endeavour Prelims Test Series 2024-25

In the dynamic and demanding world of civil services examinations, success is not a matter of chance; it is the result of dedication, strategy,
and unwavering commitment.


Welcome to the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program, a comprehensive and meticulously designed test series that is poised to elevate your preparation for civil services mock exams to new heights.


With the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program, we bring to you a unique and unparalleled opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards excellence in civil services


  • 52 Tests (30 GS + 16 CSAT + 6 Current Affairs)
  • It includes current affairs, Economic Survey, Budget, Government schemes, and AI (artificial intelligence) based test score analysis.
  • We attach utmost importance to CSAT as well because it has been observed that many of the students are failing in CSAT papers, even as they score handsome marks in GS Paper 1 of Prelims. 

Prelims Test Series 2024


Prelims Test Series Fees
  • Actual Fee: Rs. 8,999/- incl. of GST

What Does Our Elite Endeavour Test Series 2024 Include?

Comprehensive Mock Exams
  • At Legacy Elite Endeavour Program, our primary objective is to replicate the actual civil services examination experience as closely as possible.
    We offer a meticulously crafted series of mock exams that cover every aspect of the civil services syllabus, including Preliminary, Main, and
    Personality Test (Interview) stages.
  • These mock exams are not only designed to test your knowledge but also to help you refine your time management skills, develop effective answer-writing techniques, and enhance your analytical thinking abilities.
Personalized Feedback and Analysis
  • Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing mock exams. Each test you take in the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program is followed by detailed feedback and analysis.
  • Our team of experts will evaluate your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas that require improvement. This personalized feedback is invaluable in helping you understand your progress, identify weak points, and refine your preparation strategy.
Holistic Preparation
  • We understand that success in civil services exams requires more than just theoretical knowledge. It demands a holistic approach that includes current affairs analysis, essay writing, ethics, and interpersonal skills.
  • To cater to these diverse needs, the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program offers specialized test series to enhance your overall preparation.
Interactive Learning Community
  • Joining the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program means becoming a part of a vibrant and supportive learning community. You will have access to
    our exclusive forums and discussion groups, where you can interact with fellow aspirants, share insights, and seek guidance from our team of experts.
  • Our community-driven approach fosters a collaborative learning environment that can be immensely motivating and helpful on your
Unmatched Comprehensive Coverage
  • Legacy Elite Endeavour Program understands that success in civil services examinations demands comprehensive preparation. Our extended 50+ weeks duration enables us to provide you with an exhaustive coverage of the entire civil services syllabus.
  • Whether you are preparing for the Preliminary or Main Test stages, our program ensures that no stone is left unturned in your journey to success

Why Choose Legacy Elite Endeavour Program?

  • Proven Excellence : Our program boasts a track record of producing successful candidates who have gone on to serve in prestigious government positions.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum : We leave no topic untouched, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared for all stages of the examination.
  • Supportive Community : Our interactive forums and discussion groups provide a sense of belonging and motivation.
  • 50+ Weeks Duration : With an extended duration, we ensure you have ample time for in-depth preparation and practice.
    • 1. Comprehensive Mastery : The extended duration allows for an unparalleled depth of coverage across all facets of the civil services
      examination. From Preliminary exams to Mains and Interviews, we leave no stone unturned. With us, you have the time needed to
      build a rock-solid foundation.
    • 2. Holistic Development : Success in civil services is not just about knowledge; it’s about a holistic approach. Our program provides
      ample time for mastering current affairs, refining answer-writing skills.
    • 3. Stress-Free Preparation: The extended timeline minimizes the stress associated with rushed preparation. It empowers you to build
      confidence gradually, significantly reducing anxiety as the exam date approaches.

At Legacy Elite Endeavour Program, we don’t just prepare you for an examination; we prepare you for a lifelong journey of service and leadership. Join us today, and together, we will script the legacy of your success in the civil services examinations.


USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Legacy Elite Endeavour Program for Civil Services Mock Exams (50+ Weeks) “Your Path to Civil Services Excellence with the Ultimate Advantage: Unmatched 50+ Weeks Duration”


In a landscape where civil services aspirants seek every possible edge to secure their dream positions, the Legacy Elite Endeavour Program stands as an unrivaled solution. Our unique selling proposition lies in our extraordinary duration,exceeding 50 weeks, which gives you the
ultimate advantage in your pursuit of success.

What Are the Advantages of the Legacy IAS Academy Prelims Test series?

  • We give weightage to the topics in tests based on UPSC trends in the Prelims exam.
  • Our test series questions are prepared by an expert team having experience of more than 10 years as we don’t compromise here.
  • We provide the best answers and approaches to each question along with tricks to solve the questions.
  • This schedule is a well-thought-through process, when followed, will aid in the completion of the examinations rapidly. It stimulates and streamlines their learning approaches, forces them to fulfil the goal, and ensures productive and rigorous preparation.

How does Legacy IAS Academy Conduct Prelims Tests For Online Students?

  • Similar to our own online platform for classes, we employ our own platform for conducting Online tests as well. Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Test Portal facilitates the conduction of BOTH Prelims and Mains Tests for our Online Students.
  • The e-test platform allows for smooth navigation through the Prelims questions (MCQs) and provisions for marking questions to attempt them later and reviewing marked questions are also made available.
  • The Prelims Tests will be graded and the results and batch-wise rank will be available immediately after completion of the test.