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UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023

Advanced Prelims Marathon (APM) Test Series 2023

The UPSC Prelims Test Series 2022 is now available at Legacy IAS Academy. Many students undertake our UPSC Prelims Test Series each year. The feedback we’ve received for our UPSC Test Series 2022 attests to the high level of UPSC Prelims preparation. Through our UPSC test series, we provide candidates with a perfect and advanced approach as well as the strategies to effectively tackle the UPSC Prelims 2022.


  • 21 Tests (15 GS + 6 CSAT)
  • 11 Subject wise GS tests + 4 Full Length Tests + 6 CSAT
  • It includes current affairs, Economic Survey, Budget, Government schemes, and AI (artificial intelligence) based test score analysis.
  • We attach utmost importance to CSAT as well because it has been observed that many of the students are failing in CSAT papers, even as they score handsome marks in GS Paper 1 of Prelims. 


Advanced Prelims Marathon (APM) Test Series 2023

Prelims Test Series Fees
  • Actual Fee: Rs. 8,000/- incl. of GST
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What Does Our Best Prelims Test Series 2023 Include?

  • During the last 3 to 4 years, on average 55 questions are coming from our test series and current affairs monthly compilation. For Eg: In UPSC Prelims Exam 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • APM 2022 includes 21 tests along with 6 comprehensive CSAT tests
  • APM test series covers the entire syllabus of UPSC prelims based on recent trends. It will help students to build concepts and score high marks in the upcoming Prelims exam 2023.
  • Special focus areas are current affairs, Science and Technology, Environment, economic survey, budget, and various government schemes.
  • We are one of the best institutes to provide students with performance-based feedback with the assistance of artificial intelligence and data analysis methods.
  • We provide All India Rank based on AI analysis.
  • Helpline number available for any concept-related doubts for students. Students can book slots for doubt clearance sessions.
  • Value-added notes will be provided like Current affairs compilation, PIB summaries, Economic Survey & Budget notes, and classes.
  • Students can postpone the test based on their needs, but they can’t prepone the test.
  • Students can write the exam either at the centre (Bangalore) or can attempt the tests online too. For online, they will be provided with login credentials.

What Are the Advantages of the Legacy IAS Academy Prelims Test series?

  • We give weightage to the topics in tests based on UPSC trends in the Prelims exam.
  • Our test series questions are prepared by an expert team having experience of more than 10 years as we don’t compromise here.
  • We provide the best answers and approaches to each question along with tricks to solve the questions.
  • This schedule is a well-thought-through process, when followed, will aid in the completion of the examinations rapidly. It stimulates and streamlines their learning approaches, forces them to fulfil the goal, and ensures productive and rigorous preparation.

How does Legacy IAS Academy Conduct Prelims Tests For Online Students?

  • Similar to our own online platform for classes, we employ our own platform for conducting Online tests as well. Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Test Portal facilitates the conduction of BOTH Prelims and Mains Tests for our Online Students.
  • The e-test platform allows for smooth navigation through the Prelims questions (MCQs) and provisions for marking questions to attempt them later and reviewing marked questions are also made available.
  • The Prelims Tests will be graded and the results and batch-wise rank will be available immediately after completion of the test.