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Agriculture For UPSC Exam

Agriculture Current Affairs For UPSC Exam

Questions about agriculture have now become one of the primary themes of UPSC’s civil services examination, both in the prelims and mains stages. Because agriculture includes overlapping components with the Geography, Economy, and Environment areas of the IAS Mains syllabus, candidates should have a strong knowledge of the topic because questions from the Agriculture section are more likely to be asked.


Agriculture-related questions in both the prelims and mains can be divided into three categories, according on how UPSC asked them. Agriculture Cultivation & Irrigation Practices R&D, Genetic Engineering-related questions are covered under the Government Schemes, Policies, and Acts section of Current Affairs.


Aspirants are encouraged to prioritise understanding the mains curriculum of the Agriculture segment before analysing the pattern of questioning in the agriculture portion. Understanding the pattern of questioning can aid aspirants in devising their own strategy for dealing with various types of questions. Some questions will be asked directly from the fixed static component, while others will be asked from the current affairs portion of dynamic segments.


While reading, aspirants should establish the habit of asking questions about any topic. Take the case of fertiliser subsidies, for example. Aspirants should take the strategy of determining what the effects of fertiliser subsidies are, how fertiliser subsidies will be administered, and why fertiliser subsidies are provided.


If applicants follow this scheme of things, they will have a better chance of answering the majority of the questions in the agriculture section.


UPSC Civil Service aspirants are asked to follow the Legacy IAS’s YouTube Channel and read Legacy IAS Agriculture Modules multiple times to score well in exam.