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Science and Technology For UPSC Exam

Science and Technology Current Affairs For UPSC Exam

The UPSC civil services test is the one exam that requires you to know almost everything under the sun. The UPSC wants all applicants to be well-versed in a wide range of courses, whether they be humanities or science-based.


By including subjects like science and technology in the UPSC, the commission has assured that only those with extensive knowledge in practically every field are eligible for the highest positions.


As an arts student, this subject may be your Achilles heel, while as a science student, you may be daunted by its enormity. Because this subject is crucial in both the IAS prelims and mains exams, students must have a well-crafted strategy and planning to excel in this subject.


Since the last few years, the Science and Technology area has seen significant changes. The subject has drifted slightly more towards the technological section as a result of the rapid increase in technological advancements and inventions.


As a result of this subject, students have become more interested in the dynamic aspect of the subject, such as current events.


The static part of the paper is the basic section, sometimes known as the scientific section. The sole prerequisite is a broad perspective and a basic comprehension of essential topics. It is preferable to concentrate on biology rather than chemistry or physics.


Human anatomy should be prioritised over plant anatomy in biology. Emerging subjects like microbiology and biotechnology should be given more weight in notes, and they should be linked to current events. Because most queries revolve around current events, it is an important part of technology.


Science and Technology is an engaging subject for UPSC, therefore studying it will be less time consuming. While studying this subject, aspirants must cultivate a sense of curiosity and temperament. If you study this subject in the context of its societal benefits, you will find it more engaging and fascinating.