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Legacy IAS Achievements and Results

Every year, the UPSC Civil Services Exam, often known as the IAS Exam, is held to recruit candidates for various positions such as IAS, IFS, IPS, and IRS, among others.


Without a doubt, the UPSC Exam is one of the most demanding competitive exams in the country, and many applicants struggle to pass it. But, if you approach this exam correctly and methodically, nothing is impossible.

There Are a Lot of Things That Make the UPSC Exam hard

Every year, more than 1 million people apply for the prelims exam. Only ten thousand or so make it to the next stage, the mains exam, and only a few thousand or so make it to the last stage, the interview round, while there are only a few hundred or so jobs to be filled.


Preliminary: Only 50% of applicants show up, and only 5% of applicants make it to the mains test. Most of those who make it through to the mains, go on to the final stage (Personality Test/Interview Round). This counts for about 40% of those who made it through make it to the service.


Basically, in UPSC Civil service Exam, success rate is less than 1%. But Legacy IAS success rate is much higher compare to the admission it takes for foundation course.

In last 5 years, Legacy IAS has given the results with more than 15% success rate among Foundation Course enrolled students.

What is the reason behind this highest success rate of Legacy IAS Academy Results?

There are many factors which make Legacy IAS as the one of the first choice among students for UPSC foundation course.

  • Pre-planned class schedule for entire course
  • Faculty with specialised subjects
  • Fully air-conditioned dedicated library
  • Visit of respective faculties in library to check the progress
  • Daily study targets
  • Dedicated Mains answer writing evaluator
  • Special focus on optional subjects
  • Multiple Test series dedicated to NCERTs,
  • Basics, Current Affairs, Full Length, etc
  • Personal Mentorship (Its actually here)
  • Super 30 Group selected from various batches (In this super 30 Group, the success rate is more than 60%)

What Is the Legacy IAS Success Rate?

Unlike many institutes, we don’t claim the success of those students who just enrolled in Legacy IAS for Prelims Test Series, Current Affairs materials, and mock Interviews. We consider it an unethical practice.


Legacy IAS takes credit for only those successful students who either enrolled for the UPSC Foundation course or Optional subject or personal mentorship under Self Learning Program.

Our Successful candidates from Year 2023

Our Successful candidates from Year 2022

Our Successful candidates from Year 2021

Our Successful candidates from year 2020

  • Ishanth Jaswal   (AIR 80)
  • Ananya     (AIR 160)
  • Ishan Gupta    (AIR 215)
  • Soma Shekar    (AIR 219)
  • Radhika Suri    (AIR 249)
  • Nidhi   (AIR 286)
  • Prakash Kumar    (AIR 378)
  • Shivam    (AIR 407)
  • Akash Kumar Shukla    (AIR 427)
  • Ankit Mishra    (AIR 522)
  • Niranjan Kumar    (AIR 529)
  • Vinod   (AIR 731)

For further details, you can directly ask at 9606900004.


It does not matter who is in the given successful candidate list, what matters most for us as well as for you (UPSC aspirant) is whether you have joined the right course so that your name should be there in the final list.


Legacy IAS will enhance your chance of success by manifolds due to our Personal Mentorship Program under Foundation course and Super 30 Group.

Check our most trusted course below:


1. UPSC Foundation Course
2. Prelims Cum Mains Course
3. UPSC Online Course
4. Self-Learning Program
5. Weekend / Evening IAS Programe


For registration or any enquiry call/WhatsApp to 9606900004/05.