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UPSC Preparation Strategy & Tips from LIA Director

LEGACY is not leaving something for aspirants. It's leaving something in aspirants to carve a Civil Services Career.


Greetings, UPSC Aspirants

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X

To begin, I’d like to congratulate everyone on taking the initiative and deciding to seek a career in the public service. Kudos to all, since civil service does not only provide you with another lucrative employment to earn a living; it also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to achieve your full potential, love your work, and keep out of trouble. 


Along with the aforementioned, you will have the responsibility to serve and eventually lead the nation by becoming the face of the nation, as it is properly said “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities.”


Through many stages of the examination, the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) assesses an aspirant’s long-term viability and adaptability for top-rank posts in the Indian bureaucracy. Mental alertness, critical power of assimilation, clear and logical presentation, balance of judgement, diversity and depth of interest, aptitude for social cohesiveness and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity, as well as social attributes, are all expected of a candidate. 


At Legacy IAS, we are as excited about your aspirations as you are, and we will be at the forefront of information dissemination, delivering our programmes with the highest quality instruction.


In addition, we place equal emphasis on research and knowledge development, and we have attracted young and competent academics who will spearhead this goal with their interest and competence. As a result, with a mix of your hard effort and right instruction, you will succeed.

Legacy IAS trains students for all three phases of the civil services examination: preliminary, mains, and personality test. Our guidance programme places a strong emphasis on mental strength and skill development.


So that our students are prepared to make good use of their resources and pass the civil service examination with flying colours, not only in the civil service exam but in all aspects of life.

Following Are Some of the Highlights of Our Courses

  • Faculty with a lot of experience
  • Study materials that are well-designed and up-to-date.
  • The teaching methods and curriculum have been meticulously prepared.
  • Regular Performance Evaluations
  • Academic Coaches that are dedicated to their students
  • Classes are available both in person and online.

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At Legacy IAS, we also provide students with expert motivational sessions, interactions with toppers, and exam preparation strategy workshops. Our classrooms and infrastructure are well-equipped to meet the needs of our pupils.


Our overarching goal is to instil in our students a sense of commitment to making a positive social impact; to teach them how difficult and challenging this can be; and to broaden their knowledge and intellectual horizons so that they emerge transformed and ready to make a difference in the nation and society at large.


We are deeply committed to and enthusiastic about our students’ achievement. Our professors work hard to ensure that students pass the Civil Services Examination.


Our goal is to help you prepare in such a way that the entire process is academically stimulating and also helps you grow as a person. It is my personal goal to make the entire course student-centered, including a sophisticated feedback system.


We want it to be as democratic as possible, and your input is critical. We’ve also worked hard to connect the most up-to-date technology tools with projects like the Current Affairs Channel to make the learning process as easy and effective as possible for you.

Final Words

A student at Legacy IAS will receive unwavering support from faculty, management, and administrative personnel.


Our goal is to provide a gentle guiding hand so that our pupils understand their inner potential and develop into stalwarts of tomorrow’s society on their own. An aspirant who completes our classroom programme will be well-informed, confident, and well-prepared to succeed in the real world.


I also like to welcome you to Legacy IAS, where your dedication and commitment will be combined with our years of experience in effectively guiding and navigating you to your objective.