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Subject Wise Current Affairs GS-1 Art and Culture

Understanding art and culture is critical for civil servants, which is why it has been given the weight it deserves in the exam. Candidates must be familiar with our country’s immensely diversified art and culture, which is a source of tremendous pride for all of us.


Candidates for positions as public officials in the country must be familiar with the country’s diverse cultures in order to comprehend the cultural context of the area and the people they will serve.


Studying art and culture also provides you an understanding of the country’s rich and prestigious cultural legacy, which instils patriotism in the candidates. It provides candidates with information about the country’s faiths, art forms, beliefs, architecture, dances, and music, among other things.


Every year, roughly 4-5 questions from the Art & Culture subject are asked in the IAS Prelims exam. Also, studying Art and Culture for Prelims will benefit applicants in the Mains stage. Legacy IAS, the best IAS coaching in Bangalore, helps the student to grasp the knowledge of Art and culture in a very lucid manner.