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PIB Monthly Compilation for UPSC

PIB Monthly Compilation for UPSC Exam Preparation

Every day, the Public Information Bureau (PIB) publishes the government’s programmes and policy initiatives/updates. You’ll also come across some important historical accounts.


Because it is made public by the government, it lends legitimacy to the facts and data contained within it. The Public Interest Briefing (PIB) has become a vital resource for UPSC Exam preparation. Every year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) asks a different set of questions in both the preliminary and main examinations.


Legacy IAS is well-known for publishing the most comprehensive daily PIB Summary for the UPSC examination. PIB summaries of press releases published on the Press Information Bureau of India (PIB) website will be added to this section as they become available to aid in preparation for the UPSC examination.


The topics presented in this section are derived directly from press releases issued by various ministries, and as such, this ‘Authentic’ material provided by the government is essential for any UPSC aspirant wishing to succeed. The Press Information Bureau provides information to the media (

PIB Monthly Compilation