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Psychology Optional Books for UPSC 2025

Psychology Optional Books for UPSC

Psychology as an optional subject has more to do with understanding the underlying concepts and constructs that lead to unique Human behaviors, thoughts, motivations, and aspirations. A good deal of books and material has been published in this discipline despite its newness ( Psychology as a field started only in the 1880s).


This subject has a prescribed syllabus when we consider the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The syllabus spans 28 chapters, and having a single book to master the entire syllabus is not possible. A strategy with multiple books for specific topics would serve the purpose better with some books acting as the base material.

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  1. Psychology – Class XI NCERT (Complete Book)
  2. Psychology – Class XII NCERT (Complete Book)
  3. Psychology 5th Edition by Robert A Baron (complete book)
    Psychology 5th Edition by Saundra K Ciccarelli.
    Understanding Psychology 12th Edition by Robert S. Feldman.
  4. IGNOU BAPC Material
  5. IGNOU MAPC Material
  6. Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences by A K Singh
  7. Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition by Ronald Kellogg
  8. Theories of Personality by Sydney Ellen Schultz and Duane Schultz
  9. Applied Psychology 3rd Edition by Smarak Swain
  10. Social Psychology by Baron and Branscombe