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Indian Economy For UPSC Exam

Important Topics of Indian Economy for UPSC

Indian Economy is one of the few courses in the UPSC syllabus that retains its importance even after becoming an IAS/IPS officer. If you want to work with the Internal Revenue Service, you’ll need to be well-versed in the subject.


As a result, from the perspective of the UPSC Prelims, obtaining a thorough understanding of Economics is critical, and it should be taken into account throughout UPSC test preparation.


All three phases of the Civil Services Examination, i.e. Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test, have an overlap in the Indian Economy syllabus (Interview Round). Current events play a part in the economy section’s questions. Most candidates, however, regard it as a difficult task since they lack a well-structured and effective preparation method.


While NCERT books provide a solid basis for learning basic economic concepts, Legacy IAS’ ‘Indian Economy’ will provide you with advanced knowledge on important economic concepts and subjects.


Focus on key economic themes such as GST, Niti Ayog, Taxation Structure, LPG Reforms, Inflation, Human Development, Banking, and Money Supply, among others. These themes are frequently addressed in questions on the Economy exam.


As a result, a fundamental mastery of these areas is required! To keep up with the country’s latest economic changes, read a newspaper every day (The Hindu/The Indian Express). Make a list of all the key points from the most recent economic survey and union budget.