Legacy IAS Mains Test Series 2021 is inclusive of the plan, which The ‘YAGA’ name has been aptly chosen in order to fulfill the quest of persistently building a talent fit for Bureaucracy. ‘YAGA’ in this context means building the abilities from the very base in accordance with the needs and dynamism with which the questions are being asked by the UPSC. ‘YAGA’ carves a path in the right direction for every deserving candidate. It aims to instill a sense of confidence, discipline, and above all a self-assurance if done in letter & spirit. Rigorous adherence to the time standards and quality standards set by ‘YAGA’ will yield the fruits of success, as it has done in the previous years.

IAS Mains Test Series

IAS Mains Test Series 2021 Plan

Legacy IAS UPSC Mains Test series is inclusive of the plan, which comprehensively covers all the topics and subjects outlined by the Main Examination Syllabus. Everyday targets have been set in the plan. You have to be determined to complete the targets without any let-ups. This will ensure your success in the Main examination.

S.NONature of TestsNumber of Tests
2Full Length8
Total Tests21
Mains Test Series PriceINR 13,000

  • Holidays are not included in the plan just to make sure that at least 2 revisions are completed before you appear in the exam. You are required to write 2 answers on a daily basis on the target topics for the day without fail. This exercise will get you ready for the tests that will follow on the weekend.
  • Documents with Previous year Questions segregated in accordance with topics in the UPSC syllabus is available at UPSC Mains Subject Wise Previous Year Question
    Papers – Legacy IAS. Your thought process will be better streamlined with the aid of topic-wise previous year questions at your disposal.
  • Students are expected to cover the Current Affairs related to that particular topic of the day from the sources one has generally referred to over the months (from May 2020 – Dec 2021). Comprehensive and reliable current affairs compilations can be downloaded.
  • Tests will be held every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Evaluations will be done only by subject-specific faculties. In fact, if you feel the need to get extra inputs on answer writing and feedback, you are advised to get your papers evaluated right in front of the concerned faculty.
  • The mode of test will be both Offline and Online. However, offline papers will be evaluated within the 6 days of submission. Online test papers will be evaluated with feedback with a delay of another 4 days.

Following classes will be held on every Monday in sync with the plan:

  • Class on ‘Overview’ of the targets in the week – Focus will be laid on the nature of Questions in the previous years. Trends in the Question paper. Answer writing approach towards that particular subject
  • Class on ‘Discussion’ of the Test that you complete

As far as the Optional is considered you are requested to make time every day to revise and write answers on your Optional paper. It is imperative to spend at least 40% of your quality time on the optional subject itself.

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