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Prelims Course For UPSC 2023

Prelims Course for UPSC 2023

The Prelims training programme is aimed at reinforcing and refreshing the knowledge acquired by a candidate through his/her past preparation solely from the perspective of the UPSC Prelims examination. This programme will boost your confidence with the help of Test-series and Prelims specific classes. You will also be covering Current Affairs as a part of the program along with Current Affairs based full-length Prelims tests to improve your scores.

Prelims Crash Course 2023 Legacy IAS
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Who can Join the Prelims Course for UPSC 2023

Since the Prelims Course is designed to focus completely on getting the students past the first stage of the exam, it is meant primarily for students who are already well prepared for the Mains exam and are looking for a crash-course style boost for their Prelims exam. Therefore it can be said that the Prelims course can be taken up by students who are repeaters (having given the Main exam in the past) and are just finding the prelims stage rather difficult to get through, or, have at least prepared for the Main exam previously.


  • It is very important to take up the course only after a significant amount of your Mains preparation is completed so that you do not put yourself in a difficult position to clear the exam in its entirety.
  • In the UPSC exam, failing at any stage would simply mean that you have to start from square one and apply for the Prelims exam for the next attempt. Hence, if you are not well prepared for the Mains exam then you will find yourself in a difficult situation even after clearing the Prelims due to the lack of time that is required to prepare for the Mains exam.
  • This will push you into a cycle of constant disappointment as, once you clear the Prelims and give your Mains without sufficient preparation, you will once again find yourself at the same level of inadequate preparedness for the next attempt during the month of December when the Mains results are announced.
  • In order to avoid getting trapped in such vicious cycle it is highly advisable that students do not take up the Prelims course just for the sake of clearing Prelims without preparing well enough for Mains.

Key Highlights of the Prelims Course for UPSC 2023

  • The Prelims course for UPSC 2022 is set to commence by the month of February 2022 and extend till the end of May 2022.
  • The primary component of the Prelims course for UPSC 2022 will be the Prelims test series provided by Legacy IAS academy.
  • Along with the test series you will also be availing test discussion sessions.
  • The Prelims test series will also include CSAT tests for which you will be provided with CSAT classes as well.
  • The Prelims course will also include access to video classes for the core General Studies subjects such as History, Geography, Polity, Economy and Environment until the end of the course. Along with these video classes, you will also be able to attend special classes for Prelims specific topics such as Science and Technology matters in Current Affairs.
  • There will be sessions conducted solely for the purpose of teaching you How to solve Prelims Questions even when you have absolutely NO knowledge about the question asked or the options provided. The UPSC CSE Prelims exam allows for candidates to use certain techniques such as option elimination for getting an overall positive score, even when you have absolutely no idea as to what the question is about. Click Here to learn about some of the tips and tricks to solve Prelims MCQs.

  • The highest of standards are set for the quality of MCQs prepared by Legacy IAS Academy, as evident in the reflection of the questions in the Actual UPSC Prelims examinations.
  • 48 Tests are conducted as a part of the Prelims Test Series apart from the Class tests held during weekends as a part of the Foundation Course.
  • Each of these 48 Prelims tests will provide you with insightful analytics on overall, relative, subject-wise and difficulty-based performance.

How will the Prelims test series in the Prelims Course for UPSC 2023 be conducted?

  • At Legacy IAS Academy, we employ our own platform for conducting Online tests along with the Offline tests conducted at the Institute itself.
  • The e-test platform allows for smooth navigation through the Prelims questions (MCQs) and provisions for marking questions to attempt them later and reviewing marked questions are also made available.
  • The Prelims Tests will be graded and the results and batch-wise rank will be available immediately after completion of the test.

FAQs About UPSC Prelims Coaching in Bangalore

Yes, the Prelims course includes over 35 hours of classes in Offline + Live-and-Interactive Online modes for the UPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT paper (General Studies-II of Prelims).


The Course will cover all the topics comprehensively as per UPSC requirements:


  • Basic Numeracy such as factorization, simplification, exponents etc.,
  • Data Interpretation such as charts, graphs etc.,
  • General Mental Ability
  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Ability
  • Decision-Making and Problem Solving


Full-Length CSAT tests along with numerous Classroom tests will be conducted including Test discussion classes.

The classes for CSAT paper and Exclusive topics for Prelims will be conducted in Offline mode (physical classroom sessions) as well as Online Live-and-Interactive mode.


At Legacy IAS Academy we employ our own online platform ( which was designed specifically for UPSC Civil Services Aspirants which enables access to Live and Interactive classes from anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection.


The platform works effectively in supporting the projection of content in the offline physical classroom as well as displaying the chat box to the faculty taking the class. Hence, it directly broadcasts everything the faculty ‘writes on the board’ in the classroom to the live online class while also displaying the doubts asked by online students directly to the faculty.


Legacy IAS Academy's Online Portal for Online Coaching for UPSC

Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Platform for Live Interactive Sessions

For other General Studies subjects, recorded videos (NOT Live classes) can be availed as add-on Feature.


Recorded Videos of Classes Legacy IAS Academy Online Coaching for UPSC

Recorded Sessions as viewed on Legacy IAS Academy’s portal


Even though, technically, you can enroll for the Prelims course which has the limited objective of getting the student past the Prelims stage – strictly speaking, we do NOT RECOMMEND this course for beginners! Students who are already well prepared for the Mains exam or students who are repeaters (having given the Main exam in the past) are the ones that will truly be benefitted by the program.


We do NOT advice beginners to take up such Prelims-specific crash courses solely for clearing the Prelims exam from us or anywhere else so that you don’t get stuck in a VICIOUS CYCLE OF FAILING AT THE LATER STAGES of the exam.


If you are not well prepared for Mains and are not going to be able to cover up for what is required of you in the 2-3 months of time between the Prelims and Main examination – then you are prone to constantly clear just the Prelims stage in your subsequent attempts.

You can look into Legacy IAS Academy’s Foundation Course – Legacy IAS Academy’s flagship programme which provides a comprehensive physical classroom + online platform to holistically foster aspirants through all three primary stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, viz., Preliminary exam, Main exam, and the Interview.


In case you are opting for Optional Subjects such as Mathematics, Management, Science subjects such as Physics, Zoology etc., Engineering subjects, Literature subjects etc., are not available at the institute – you can take up the Prelims-cum-Mains Course.

Upcoming Batches for Prelims cum Mains course Legacy IAS Academy


If you are NOT taking up either the Foundation Course or the Prelims-cum-Mains course, then you can take up –

The Essay Guidance Program provided at Legacy IAS Academy – Key Features of the Essay Guidance Programme are:

  • 4 Orientation Sessions in Offline + Live-and-Interactive Online modes
  • 8 Essay Tests conducted in both Offline and Online modes
  • Personalized one-to-one feedback by Mr. Sagar B A and Mr. Pavan Kant
  • Comprehensive Discussion sessions to clarify doubts regarding Essay paper
  • Value-added material for supplementing the requisite knowledge base for Essay-writing
  • Post-test analysis of each topic with Knowledge-transfer sessions with expert faculties
  • Extensive Coverage of 45 most important and probable topics for Mains
  • Time-bound evaluation of Essay papers by the expert faculty themselves
  • 360 degree coverage of Essay writing for the entire range of topics

Optional Subject Programme (OSP) – under which the Optional Subject will be covered in 3 hour classes held on Saturdays and Sundays during the 5 months from September 2022 to February 2023 including 5 Full-length Tests along with Daily Answer writing practice.


You can also enroll for the YAGA UPSC CSE MAIN TEST SERIES 2022

S.NONature of TestsNumber of Tests
2Full Length8
Total Tests21
Mains Test Series PriceINR 13,000