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About Digital India Trust Agency (DIGITA)

Context: The Reserve Bank of India is considering establishing a Digital India Trust Agency (DIGITA) to combat cyber fraud and illegal lending apps. Relevance: Facts for Prelims Dimensions of the Article: About Digital India Trust Agency (DIGITA) Role and Responsibilities: Verification System: Significance: Understanding Digital Lending Definition: Process and Parties Involved: Products and Features: -Source: […]

Understanding Leap Second

Context: A recent study highlighted that due to factors like climate change and geological shifts, Earth’s changing rotation may prompt clocks to skip a second, potentially necessitating a “negative leap second” around 2029. Relevance: Facts for Prelims Dimensions of the Article: Understanding Leap Second Purpose of Leap Second: History and Implementation: Comparison with Astronomical Time: […]

Understanding Bridge Fuel

Context: Natural gas has been called a ‘bridge fuel’ for countries looking to transition away from coal and oil dependency, and as they pursue a pathway towards renewables and electrification. Relevance: GS III: Energy Dimensions of the Article: Understanding Bridge Fuel Definition: Debate and Considerations: Key Aspects of Natural Gas Nature and Composition: Formation Process: […]

Vaikom Satyagraha: An Overview

Context: Recently, India commemorated the centenary of Vaikom satyagraha, a pivotal movement in India’s history that challenged untouchability and caste oppression. Relevance: GS I: History Dimensions of the Article: Vaikom Satyagraha: An Overview Location and Duration: Purpose and Trigger: Negotiations with Authorities: Significance in Indian History: Key Figures: Strategies and Methods: Outcomes: Aftermath and Legacy: -Source: Indian Express

India Leads Global Internet Blackouts for Fifth Consecutive Year

Context: For five consecutive years, India has topped the world in implementing internet bans, accounting for over 60% of all reported blackouts between 2016 and 2022. While these state-imposed internet shutdowns often cite reasons of national security and threats to public order, they have faced criticism from rights groups for restricting freedom of expression and […]

Supreme Court’s Warning on Court-Ordered Counseling for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Context: The Supreme Court (SC) cautions judges against using court-mandated counseling to influence LGBTQ+ individuals to reject their sexual orientation and identity. Relevance: GS II: Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Status of LGBTQIA+ Rights and Recognition in India Definition of LGBTQIA+: Historical Overview: Major Challenges Faced by LGBTQIA+ in India Societal Attitudes and […]

Reserve Bank of India

Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a ceremony to mark 90 years of the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai. Relevance: GS III: Indian Economy Dimensions of the Article: News Summary: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses RBI@90 Ceremony About Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Overview: Composition: Primary Functions of the RBI: Monetary Authority: Regulator and Supervisor […]

Time to Root out Corruption

Context: In recent months, a dominant topic in the Indian media has been ‘Corruption’. Extensive scandals, investigations by central agencies, public demonstrations, and anti-corruption movements have consistently drawn attention across various media platforms, government circles, and public and private conversations. Civil rights activists have exerted significant pressure on the government to enact robust anti-corruption legislation […]

Will India Experience more Heat Wave Days this Summer

Context: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) declared higher-than-average heat wave conditions for various regions of India on Monday. These conditions are affecting the southern, central, eastern, and northwestern parts of the country. This announcement coincides with India’s ongoing struggle to meet its electricity demand. Relevance: Mains Question: What defines a heat wave and how does the IMD […]