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Complete HIT 2020

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_btn title=”HIT Test Series Schedule – Prelims 2020″ color=”danger” size=”lg” link=”||target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_btn title=”Pay to Enrol : INR 9,000″ color=”blue” size=”lg” link=”||target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The utility of Test Series stands unquestioned till date even as one prepares for Civil Services Examination. Test series is that part of preparation which decides whether an aspirant makes it to the Final Merit List of Civil Services Examination. With this program, we at Legacy IAS open the doors and present to all aspirants from across the nation an opportunity to participate in this highly competitive and engaging program.

What we do here?

Our Test Series is founded upon the strong principle of “Multi-Dimensional Analysis and Feedback” (M-DAF). Detailed Analysis & Feedback, Prompt Review help students to prop-up their scores every time – serves as a morale boost. The sheer amount of expertise and experience that goes into the preparation of this Test Series program is reflected in its ability to breed success year after year.

Quality is ascertained not by making the Test Series too difficult. It should be adjudged based on whether the questions in the Test series will ever find a place in the UPSC CSE question Paper. This is where the Legacy Team steps in – to ensure the right questions are asked in the Test Series, thus circumventing the unlikely content and questions thereof. This saves a lot of Energy and Time. 

How we proceed?

Making the student understand the demand of the exam through a Test Series marks the very first step. Towards this end, Legacy IAS adopts a Linear Approach whereby the structure and design of the Test series in general, and individual Tests in particular, follow a ratcheted approach – moving from Easy to Difficult and from Simple to Complex.

Extensive Individual-level guidance would be provided to usher in confidence amongst the students. A prompt objective response from a mentor would always help the student dispense with doubts and refocus on the task at hand. A consistent and unwavering personalized attention to every individual aspirant is provided to foster core competency in time management and resource utilisation with only Civil Services Exam as a target. We ensure an Interactive Post Test Learning System is put in place. As the types of tests differ, the approach of Post Test Learning changes too. Our Interactions pertaining to the Tests will be extended via Email / Telephonic Discussion with Experts to chart a course that is well directed and least riddled

Indian History, Art and Culture2
Indian Polity and Governance2
Indian Economy2
General Science, Science and tech, Environment2
Full Length Tests7
Subject Specific Tests4
Essay Tests4
Full Length Tests10

The unpredictable nature of UPSC CSE Prelims and Main Exam is well known. Yet, efforts in the right direction and a trend-based Test Series would minimise the negative impact of unpredictability. Dynamism is something which has been embraced by UPSC CSE for close to a decade now. It thus has become quintessential for us to breathe in that dynamic pattern into our question making exercise.

Reorienting the strategy has become all the more important in the recent past. Systemic changes have been brought in our pedagogical structure with inputs by our mentors and their experiences. Changing the strategy with the changing trends of the exam helps the students to handle the different facets of prelims paper.

The HIT series for CSE 2020 will provide a platform to launch oneself towards success and boost the morale. With complete coverage of syllabus and well-spaced and articulated revision plans so as to cover the entire Static and Current Affairs multiple times, it will help you stay ahead in the race. Surprise elements/questions often overwhelm students in the exam hall. With right guidance that is available with this HIT series, the students will learn to use the right skills and tools to handle surprises and pressure of the UPSC CSE 2020 Exam


HIT Series – 2020 will be conducted over a span of 23 weeks from 28th June 2020. It includes 21 Prelims Tests and 18 Mains Tests

Unique Features of HIT Series for CSE Prelims

1. Thorough and in-depth coverage of entire syllabus through standardised MCQs and Mains Questions in line with UPSC CSE trends.

2. Subject-wise Sectional Tests are also included to allocate sufficient time for each subject to start with. One can evaluate his/her performance through our M-DAF.

3. Since the nature of questions ranges from factual to conceptual, simple to complex and easy to difficult and a mix of static and current options in the same question, the papers are set in a way to represent this proportionality in each Test Paper.

4. Options for the questions will be provided in such a manner that students can use elimination tactics while solving.

5. Every test will be conducted same as real examination like how UPSC conducts, in order to prepare the students for managing time under exam pressure.

6. Along with the Performance Analysis of aspirants, the students will be provided with Section-wise analysis, Difficulty Analysis, All India Rank, comparison with toppers, Integrated Score Card, Analysis of Mock Test papers based on difficulty level & nature of questions etc. It will help in evaluating their performance and course correction.

Mode: Entire test series can be availed in both Offline (Classroom) Mode and Online Mode


1. There will one to one discussion classes with experts in those particular subjects. They will also get meticulous guidance on paper analysis, approach, important study areas and how to plan and structure their studies in a timely fashion.

2. Along with the soft copy the students will be provided with a hard copy of detailed explanations to cover the entire range of information on important areas and topics covered in Mock questions. This will help students in getting sufficient clarity over the most important and exam relevant topics.

Multi-Dimensional Assessment and Feedback (M-DAF) System for HIT Series- 2020

Current Affairs and Static Portion Mix: It is to check the capability of the aspirant to handle both types of questions and their integrated knowledge base

Overall performance Analysis: Subject & Section wise analysis, how one has fared with different levels of questions through Difficulty Analysis, juxtaposing one’s performance with others – toppers as well as average scores and a final integrated Score Card,

How to look at the mock test Questions

Difficulty Level (DL): Easy (E), Intermediate (I), Difficult (D), Very Difficult (VD)

Style and Nature of Question: Fundamental /Conceptual /Conventional (F), Current Affairs (CA), Fundamental + Current Affairs (FCA) and Unconventional (U)

Test planning:

The tests are planned at three different levels of preparation required for a student to succeed in CSE – 2020.

Basic HIT – Tests here will be from the most basic sources or the standard must read books. The main intention here is to test whether the candidate has clearly understood the basic concepts or not

Level-Up HIT– These are the tests which ask you to apply the basic knowledge about the subjects you have mastered. They will of course test ones ability to look at the questions from the prism of current affairs. The sources here will no longer remain rudimentary

All Inclusive HIT – Tests here are of Full Length nature covering all the levels of difficulty questions. based on the trends, these questions will be accorded weightage and proportionately find place in the test paper

1. Legacy IAS will reserve the right to suspend a candidate from test series if the candidate is found to have disseminating the content provided by Legacy IAS for “Individual use Only” 
2. It is compulsory for the student to provide the UPSC Roll Number when asked for 
3. Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstance 
4. Legacy IAS reserves the rights to admit on special grounds or limit the admissions based on certain grounds 
5. Legacy IAS also has the right to make necessary changes in Test series schedule 
6. Question papers, Answer keys with explanations will be provided in the printed form only once, if approached at the Test Centre in Jayanagar, Bangalore. 
7. All the Value-Added Material that is exclusive for Test Series candidates will be available only in the PDF format