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Current Affairs 30 November 2023

CONTENTS Rat-Hole Mining Context: The rescue operation for 41 workers trapped in the partially-collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand utilized two scientific mining methods, vertical drilling and auger (horizontal drilling), after 17 days of being trapped. The final phase of the rescue involved the use of rat-hole mining, a technique previously employed in Meghalaya. Relevance: GS […]

Current Affairs 29 November 2023

CONTENTS NASA to Train an Indian Astronaut for ISS Mission Context: US space agency NASA will train an Indian astronaut for a mission to the International Space Station by the end of 2024. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: NASA’s Collaborative Endeavor with ISRO: Training an Indian Astronaut for ISS Mission […]

Current Affairs 28 November 2023

CONTENTS Kambala Context: Recently, Bengaluru held its first Kambala race, with 159 pairs of buffaloes and their jockeys racing through the specially made slush tracks in the city’s Palace Grounds. Relevance: GS II: Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Kambala: Coastal Karnataka’s Traditional Buffalo Race Organizing Bodies: Categories of Kambala: Cultural Significance: Kambala Ban, […]

Current Affairs 27 November 2023

CONTENTS  Conference of the Parties (COP) Context: Tens of thousands will descend on Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), next week to attend the world’s biggest climate negotiation — Conference of the Parties, better known as COP. The 28thedition of COP is scheduled to be held in Dubai.Relevance: GS III: Environment and Ecology Dimensions of the […]

Current Affairs 25 November 2023

Contents: Governor cannot indefinitely sit on Bills Context: The Supreme Court held that a Governor cannot indefinitely sit on Bills. It held that the Governor cannot withhold consent in case the House repassed the Bill with or without amendments. Relevance: GS-2: Constitutional Bodies, Role of Governor Dimensions of the Article: Key Points: The Recent Case […]

Current Affairs 24 November 2023

CONTENTS Second ‘Voice of the Global South Summit’ (VOGSS): Strengthening Global Solidarity Context: India recently hosted the second edition of the ‘Voice of the Global South Summit’ (VOGSS), reinforcing its dedication to building unity among nations and solidifying its leadership role in the Global South. The summit, conducted virtually, marks a continuation of India’s commitment […]

Current Affairs 23 November 2023

CONTENTS Quashing of Haryana’s Local Candidates Reservation Act, 2020 Context: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has declared the Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act, 2020 as unconstitutional, nullifying the mandated 75% reservation for local candidates in private sector jobs. The court ruled that the law violates fundamental rights of both citizens and employers. […]

Current Affairs 22 November 2023

CONTENTS Tantalum Context: A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar has found the presence of tantalum, a rare metal, in the Sutlej River sand in Punjab. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: Tantalum: A Rare and Versatile Metal Atomic Number and Characteristics: Exceptional Melting Point: Properties […]

Current Affairs 21 November 2023

CONTENTS Emission Gap Report 2023 Context: Ahead of COP28, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report titled ‘Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record — Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again)’. Relevance: GS III: Environment and Ecology Dimensions of the Article: About Emissions Gap Report United Nations Environment Programme […]

Current Affairs 20 November 2023

CONTENTS Missed Measles Vaccination in India – WHO and CDC Report Context: An estimated 11 lakh children in India missed their crucial first dose of the measles vaccine in 2022, as revealed by a joint report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This alarming figure […]