President’s Address in Parliament 

Address to Parliament Vision for India Significance of Amrit Kaal Government’s Mantra Government’s Work Decisive Government Fighting Corruption Transparency and Ease of Doing Business Poverty Eradication Empowering the Poor Welfare of poor Empowering Small Businesses Empowering Small Farmers Empowering Deprived Communities Improving Aspirational Districts and Blocks Women Empowerment Heritage and Development Moving forward with the […]

The Death Penalty Approach

Context Relevance GS Paper 2: Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e-governance- applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential; citizens charters, transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures. Mains Question Some argue that “capital punishment serves neither justice nor deterrence against any crime.” Do you agree? Explain your response. (250 Words) Background SC’s most […]

The Possible Ways to Get Logistics at ease

Context Relevance GS Paper 3: Infrastructure Mains Question Better logistics are required in a modern economy with a complex supply chain. India has one of the least efficient logistics systems in the world. How can the logistics in India be improved? Discuss. (250 Words) About Logistics Logistics policy is required. About National Logistics Policy (NLP) […]

We the People: New and Dark Interpretations

Context The raging debate over the meaning of ‘We the People’ following the Vice-President of India’s speech requires a closer examination. Relevance GS Paper-2: Separation of Powers between various organs Dispute Redressal Mechanisms and Institutions Mains Question What exactly is “separation of powers” doctrine? Is the judiciary a lesser institution than directly elected institutions such […]

Could AI Diffusion Affect Global Migration Patterns?

Context Relevance GS Paper-3: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Mains Question How would the rapid spread of artificial intelligence (AI) tools affect international migration patterns? Analyze (150 words)  Recent Pattern The USE of AI in Education How Will AI Affect the Demand for Migrant Workers? What precisely is artificial […]

The Company Exposing Adani Group: All You Need to Know About Hindenburg Research

Content: GS paper 3, Indian Economy What is Hindenburg Research? What does Hindenburg Research do? Who are the people behind the company? What other work has Hindenburg done? Finally, why is the company called ‘Hindenburg’? How does short selling work? Short selling is typically done through a brokerage, which allows traders to borrow shares of […]