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UPSC Exam Calendar 2024: Unveiling Exam Dates

UPSC Exam Calendar 2024 Unveiled at Discover CSE, NDA, and Other Exam Dates   The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has made the 2024 exam calendar available on its official website,   Candidates aspiring to appear for various examinations, such as Civil Services Examination (CSE), National Defence Academy (NDA), and other competitive exams, […]

Supreme Court Rules on Appointment of Chief Election Commissioner

Relevance: GS 2, Indian Polity The Supreme Court of India has restricted the government’s power to appoint the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners, ruling that they will be appointed on the advice of a committee consisting of the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and the Chief Justice of India.   […]

A Comprehensive Overview Past and Present of Russia’s War in Ukraine

GS 2, International Relations The war between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for over a year, and there are signs of escalation everywhere. The West has recently announced the supply of more advanced weapons to Ukraine, deepening its involvement in the conflict.   In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of his […]

What Are MicroLED Displays and Why Is Apple Shifting To It?

Relevance: GS paper 3, Science & Tech Introduction: Apple is reportedly shifting to microLED display technology, which is considered as the next big transition in display technology.   MicroLEDs are self-illuminating diodes that are brighter and provide better color reproduction than OLED display technology.   Apple is currently working on implementing this new technology, starting […]

The Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Relevance : GS Paper- 1: Physical geography Introduction: Two large earthquakes hit South-eastern Turkey on February 6, causing widespread damage and claiming thousands of lives.   The first quake was of magnitude 7.8 followed by another of magnitude 7.5. The earthquakes have left a trail of destruction and many are still recovering from the impact. […]

Unlocking The Mysteries of Quasicrystals: Characteristics & Latest Discoveries

Relevance : GS paper 3, Science and Tech Quasicrystals are a type of matter that have properties of both crystals and glasses. Unlike crystals, which have a repeating arrangement of atoms in a three-dimensional lattice, quasicrystals have a repeating pattern that is never exactly the same, giving them a unique and non-repeating structure.   This […]

The Ladakh Issue

Context After Sonam Wangchuk, a Magsaysay Award winner, went on a fast, a movement erupted calling for the inclusion of the Ladakh region in the Sixth Schedule under Article 244 of the Constitution (which provides special protection to tribal populations). Relevance GS Paper-2: Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions, and basic structure. Mains […]