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Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme

Legacy IAS proudly presents to you the LRP 2021 as a blueprint for you to succeed in the Civil Services Examination. The Programme is designed with utmost care to encompass all the elements necessary for you to become a Civil Servant. Many a time it almost becomes impossible for an aspirant to realise his potential just because he/she is unable to utilise his abilities to the fullest. Or he/she may miss some of the pieces to complete the puzzle (read UPSC Civil Services Exam).


Every year lakhs of students prepare for the CSE and only a select few make it to the Merit list. Even after several hours of preparation, less than 1% get through all the 3 stages of the exam. However, always bear it in mind that not all the candidates are not your competitors for most of them are not serious about their preparation. IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS CANDIDATE, YOU WILL BE SPENDING MORE TIME THINKING ABOUT STUDIES RATHER THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD.


So, this Programme is made for the Serious candidates ONLY. We are sure that those who aren’t dedicated to the preparation cannot even make it to the 3rd week of this programme.

Legacy’s Real'IAS'ation Programme

Key Features of the Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme

  • The Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme is structured in a manner it fits everyone’s style of learning. We have an array of learners ranging from slow to very fast, contextual to analytical – who all participate in this examination.
  • The programme not only delves into preparation for Prelims and Mains, but also the Personality Interview.
  • The tests are strategically placed to be in terms with your classroom progress. As the preliminary examination gets closer, the mains tests will be stopped so that your preparation is full on just for Preliminary Test.
  • The LRP ensures 100% completion of the syllabus without missing any part of it notwithstanding how minute it is.
  • The programme is designed for the most serious of candidates and since such candidates are the only ones who are prepared to take on all 3 stages of the CSE, the programme will incontestably put you at par with the real competition.
  • The Programme primarily banks on the student’s diligence and hence, any amount of lack of efforts will automatically deem the student to be withdrawn from the programme.

Contents of the Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme

  1. Prelims FYT Series -2021 (FYT Series = Full Year Test Series)
  2. Main FYT Series – 2021
  3. Optional Preparation
  4. TRDT – Test Related Daily Targets
  5. D-MAP – Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice
  6. Daily Quizzes
  7. Newspaper reading
  8. Current Affairs Preparation
  9. Doubt Clarification and Mentoring
  10. Personality Interview Guidance
  11. Holidays
  12. Buffers for completing leftover topics
  13. Revisions

A Sample of the plan provided under the LRP (Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme):