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This exam necessitates a lot of serious study and devotion. Every applicant who understands the UPSC’s trends and expectations and works diligently toward achieving a rank under suitable supervision has a chance to succeed.


This year’s Mains – 2021 questions in GS, Essay, and even Optional papers need in-depth examination of trending topics as well as certain key static topics that may or may not be in the news.


Analytical skills can only be enhanced by regularly thinking and writing. Regular writing, in particular, is essential for improving your analytical abilities. Writing answers after reading other people’s answers or reading a synopsis will get you nowhere.


You must adhere to the standards outlined in the preceding article. You can get knowledge but not wisdom by consulting a summary.


Legacy IAS team will frame as many questions as feasible on each and every component of the GS syllabi as part of this initiative. This will allow you to take continuous notes and write answers until your UPSC Mains Exam 2022-2023.