19th and 20th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents The Great Indian Growth Miracle What is plea bargaining? India China and the Indian Ocean High Real Interest Rates and Investments in India Itolizumab THE GREAT INDIAN GROWTH MIRACLE Focus: GS-III Indian Economy Introduction India saw an unprecedented growth surge for more than three decades since the historic contraction of 1979, when India’s gross […]

18th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Iran – China – India: Diplomacy A Nuclear Accord, 15 Years Ago IRAN – CHINA – INDIA: DIPLOMACY Focus: GS-II International Relations Why in news? Recent reports that Iran launched the track laying programme for the long rail link between Chabahar and Zahidan last week sparked concerns that India was being excluded from the […]

17th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents For equal treatment Centralisation in decision making in education Why annual floods are essential for the survival of Kaziranga ? For equal treatment Why in news? Supreme court in its recent judgement extended the benefits of SC/ST’s to physically disabled in order to create level playing field and ensure social justice. Why such a […]

16th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Inflation alert China’s post ­COVID 19 aggression is reshaping Asia It’s time to flatten the pandemic stereotyping Skill India For Atmanirbhar Bharat Inflation alert Why in news? Headline inflation for the month of June is 6.1%. Demand supply mismatch during COVID 19 pandemic and higher inflation rate is worrying Indian economy. More about the […]

15th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

CONTENTS LOST OPPORTUNITY China’s policy dilemma challenge of schooling India’s offline millions LOST OPPORTUNITY Focus: GS-II International Relations Why in news? Iranian government has decided to proceed with the construction of rail line from Chabahar port to Zahedan, on its own without India’s support Reason for Exclusion of India from the project Iran has cited […]

14th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

CONTENTS Enabling people to govern themselves RBI bulletin Enabling people to govern themselves Why in news? The health and economic crisis as a result of COVID 19 pandemic has revealed the  inadequacies of the governance structures at various levels. Besides the siloed approach towards economic, social and environmental issues has resulted in breakdown of one […]

13th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Solar power The sum and substance of the EU’s China dilemma Smart Cities Mission EC’s power to hold elections Solar power Why in news? Prime Minister recently restated the importance of solar power in restarting the economy and moving towards sustainable development. Government efforts towards solar power. inauguration of a 750 MW photovoltaic project […]

11th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

CONTENTS Crime as punishment Do we need Fiscal Council In the name of ‘cooperative federalism Crime as punishment Background for the news Vikas dubey, who was wanted for the massacre of eight Uttar Pradesh policemen last Friday, was being taken in a police convoy to Kanpur after his arrest yesterday in Madhya Pradesh. The UP […]

10th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Owning up to criminalisation in politics Dreams and doubts of a green revival How to resolve individual data privacy complaints? OWNING UP TO CRIMINALISATION IN POLITICS Focus: GS-II Governance Introduction A February 2020 Supreme Court judgment on criminalisation in politics may have far-reaching consequences for Indian democracy, as it will first be implemented in […]

9th July – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents The social contract needs to be rewritten Bad Bank: Explained Student Visa Ban: Hurdle, Opportunity THE SOCIAL CONTRACT NEEDS TO BE REWRITTEN Focus: GS-II Governance Introduction Professor H.L.A. Hart once said, “freedom (the absence of coercion) can be valueless to those victims of unrestricted competition too poor to make use of it; so, it […]