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30th and 31st March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents India does not shine when only some gleam Status and Debate around Uniform Civil Code (UCC) INDIA DOES NOT SHINE WHEN ONLY SOME GLEAM Context: The novel coronavirus pandemic had exposed the precariousness of lives of the common people and the emerging universal truth is that economic inequality is rising sharply in all countries. […]

28th & 29th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents SC on permanent commission for women in Army What’s next for Afghanistan U.S. withdrawing troops? SC ON PERMANENT COMMISSION FOR WOMEN IN ARMY Context: The Supreme Court in Secretary, Ministry of Defence vs. Babita Puniya case directed the government to ensure that women officers in the Army be granted permanent commission (PC) as well […]

27th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Dormant Parliament, fading business DORMANT PARLIAMENT, FADING BUSINESS Context: The Budget session of Parliament ended two weeks ahead of the original plan, as many political leaders are busy with campaigning for the forthcoming State Assembly elections. Relevance: GS-II: Polity and Governance (Constitutional Provisions, Legislature and Elections, Executive, Separation of Powers) Mains Questions: How far […]

26th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Remove the wedges in India-Bangladesh ties REMOVE THE WEDGES IN INDIA-BANGLADESH TIES Context: March 2021 will mark the 50th year of India-Bangladesh diplomatic relations and also of the Liberation War. Bangladesh became an independent nation in 1971 and India was the first country to recognize it as an independent and separate state. Relevance: GS-II: […]

25th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Doubling down on a resilient India Water, the looming frontier DOUBLING DOWN ON A RESILIENT INDIA Context: Google, Facebook, Walmart, Samsung, Foxconn, and Silver Lake have been just a handful of the firms that made big ticket bets on India in 2020. Due to this, even though India experienced one of the world’s sharpest […]

24th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents The surge of geopolitics in South Asia’s power trade THE SURGE OF GEOPOLITICS IN SOUTH ASIA’S POWER TRADE Context: India has released new rules governing the trade of electricity across its borders. Relevance: GS-III: Indian Economy, Industry and Infrastructure (Implications and Ramifications of International Trading policies and deals, Energy Sector), GS-II: International Relations Mains […]

23rd March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Getting it right on the LAC disengagement GETTING IT RIGHT ON THE LAC DISENGAGEMENT Context: In the aftermath of the India-China agreement reached on February 10 for pullback in the Pangong Lake area, there has been much speculation about the gain and loss for India. Relevance: GS-II: International Relations (India and its Neighbourhood, Effect […]

21st & 22nd March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Iran deal could be rescued by the IAEA IRAN DEAL COULD BE RESCUED BY THE IAEA Context: With the tussle between the U.S. and Iran on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is back on the stage to rescue the JCPOA. Relevance: GS-II: International Relations (India’s Neighbours, […]

20th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents SC: Mandal verdict should be referred to a larger Bench SC: MANDAL VERDICT SHOULD BE REFERRED TO A LARGER BENCH Context: The Supreme Court, while considering the validity of the reservation for the Maratha community in Maharashtra decided that it will hear all the States on the 50% limit on total reservation imposed by […]

19th March 2021 – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Contents MMDR Amendment Bill, 2021 Explained MMDR AMENDMENT BILL, 2021 EXPLAINED Context: Coal and Mines Minister has introduced the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2021 in Lok Sabha to streamline the renewal of the auction process for minerals and coal mining rights. Relevance: GS-III: Industry and Infrastructure (Government Policies and Interventions […]