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Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 30 September 2023

CONTENTS: Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2023 Context: In the coming years, a minimum of 33% of all lawmakers in India will be women, as per the recently passed Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2023, approved by both Houses of Parliament. The current representation of women Members of Parliament in the […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 29 September 2023

CONTENTS: United Nations Population Fund’s India Ageing Report 2023 Context: A significant portion of the global population is aging, and India reflects this trend. According to the United Nations Population Fund’s India Ageing Report 2023, the population aged 60 and above is projected to double from 10.5% or 14.9 crore (as of July 1, 2022) […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 28 September 2023

CONTENTS: Temple Crisis In Uttarakhand Context: The year commenced with a disastrous event, as reports surfaced about the temple town of Joshimath in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district facing a crisis. The town was said to be ‘sinking,’ and signs of structural damage appeared on both residential and commercial buildings. This led to a humanitarian emergency, with […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 27 September 2023

CONTENTS: Identity Pangs Context: In a recently published report titled “Decentralized Finance and Digital Assets,” global credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service has raised some concerning issues regarding India’s ambitious digital identification program for its residents, known as Aadhaar. Relevance: GS2-Government Policies & InterventionsIssues Arising Out of Design & Implementation of PoliciesGS3-Cyber Security Mains Question: […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 26 September 2023

CONTENTS Expertise Over Politics Context: The Supreme Court’s decision not to intervene in the order issued by the Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA), which instructs Karnataka to release 5,000 cubic feet of water per second (cusecs) to Tamil Nadu until September 27, is a commendable move. The Supreme Court has wisely chosen to defer to […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 25 September 2023

CONTENTS: Taking India Back to The Drawing Board Context: Putting aside its political motivations, the 2023 Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Amendment) Bill brings attention to a significant aspect of representative democracy – the delimitation of electoral constituencies. Delimitation involves defining and setting the boundaries for these constituencies. Relevance: GS2- Polity- Mains Question: Highlighting the […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 23 September 2023

CONTENTS: Supreme Court Varying Bench Strength Context: CJI Chandrachud has announced that constitution benches with varying sizes will now be a permanent fixture within the Supreme Court. This long-awaited reform should be prioritized and fast-tracked. Relevance: GS2-Polity Mains Question: What is the rationale behind having constitution benches with varying sizes in the Supreme Court? How […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 22 September 2023

CONTENTS: World Health Organization Publication On Hypertension Context: Worldwide, approximately one-third of the population experiences hypertension, and an alarming four out of five individuals fail to maintain proper control over this condition, as reported in the inaugural World Health Organization (WHO) publication on hypertension, unveiled in September. Relevance: GS2-Health Mains Question: India’s strategy in dealing […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 21 September 2023

CONTENTS: Skills Gap Hinders Future Employability Context: The swiftly evolving job landscape and shifting skill demands globally are causing a skills deficit that obstructs access to employment opportunities. Relevance: Mains Question: Skill gap in India can hinder future employability. Analyse the reasons for the persistent skill gap among Indian youth. How have government efforts performed […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 20 September 2023

Contents: Stree Shakti Context: In a momentous development during the Special Session’s relocation to the new Parliament House, the government presented a significant proposal in the Lok Sabha. This proposal aims to allocate one-third of the seats in the Lower House and the Assemblies for women, marking a historic step towards women’s reservation. Relevance: GS […]