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Sagar BA – Chief Mentor


Mr. Sagar is a highly educated and accomplished individual. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and later pursued a postgraduate degree in Psychology. His expertise in this field was evident when he appeared for the UPSC interview, where he chose Psychology as his optional subject.


Mr. Sagar is the founder of Legacy IAS, a successful coaching institute for UPSC/IAS aspirants in Bangalore. As a senior mentor, he has helped over 150 students achieve their dreams of becoming civil servants.


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Sagar is also an avid reader with a keen interest in the Indian economy, ethics, and psychology. His command of the English language is impressive, and he has been compared to renowned vocabulary expert Shashi Tharoor by his colleagues.


Mr. Sagar is also a sports enthusiast, with a passion for cricket and badminton. In addition to his native language, he is fluent in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and English. Overall, Mr. Sagar is a well-rounded individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple fields.

Sagar BA Legacy IAS Academy
  • Teaching Experience of 8 years
  • Expert faculty for Indian Economy, Ethics & Integrity and Psychology
  • B.E in Mechanical
  • Mastered in Psychology
  • 170+ UPSC aspirants selected under his personal guidance