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Disappearing Languages, Vanishing Voices

Context: English has served as a unifying factor among multilingual Indians since the era of British colonial rule. While English is widely used for communication in urban areas, it can pose challenges in remote rural regions. Regardless of the veracity of the story, the significance of a shared language is recognized. Language serves as a […]

Time to Build a More Inclusive Society for Women

Context: The opportunity presented by India’s presidency of the G20 in 2022 underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive society. This is evident in the chosen theme for India’s G-20 Presidency: ‘Inclusive, Ambitious, Decisive, and Action-Oriented.’ Relevance: GS1,GS2-Issues related to women, Government Policies and Intervention Mains Question: India’s G20 presidency presents an opportunity towards […]

Rapid Aging of India’s Workforce: Concerns Amidst Youthful Population

Context: India, despite having the world’s largest youth population, is experiencing a rapid aging of its workforce, as indicated by CMIE’s  (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) Economic Outlook data. This trend is concerning as it signifies a decline in the proportion of young workers and an increase in those nearing 60 years of age among […]

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

Context: The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) has officially been renamed the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library Society recently. Relevance: GS I: Culture Dimensions of the Aricle: Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML): Features of NMML: Museum: Library: Archives: Research Center: Nehru Planetarium: Publications: -Source: Indian Express

State of Elementary Education in Rural India – 2023 

Context: Recently, the Ministry of Education has released the State of Elementary Education in Rural India – 2023 report, highlighting the Prevalence of Smartphone Usage among students. Relevance: GS II: Education Dimensions of the Article: State of Elementary Education in Rural India – 2023 Report Survey Conducted by Development Intelligence Unit (DIU): Scope of the Survey: […]

Social Media and India’s Military: Navigating a Toxic Environment

Context Relevance GS Paper 2: Social Media and Its Impact Mains Question What effects does social media have on the values and mindset of young enlistees in the Indian armed forces? Talk about the difficulties and effects of this impact on the unity and discipline of the military. (150 Words) The Negative Impact of Social […]

Humanities and Liberal Arts in Challenging Times

Context The study of humanities and liberal arts takes on enormous significance in the fast changing world dominated by neoliberal ideals. Relevance Mains Question Talk about the role that literature, music, and the arts have played in fostering political resistance and thwarting authoritarianism. Use concrete examples, such as 1968’s Prague Spring, to highlight how artistic […]

About The Census in India

Context: The Census enumeration scheduled to take place in 2021 has been pushed to 2024-25 until further orders. With this, the exercise related to National Population Register (NPR) would also get delayed. NPR is to be updated with the first phase of Census 2021. Relevance GS I: Population and Related issues Dimensions  of the Article: About the […]

Lavender Festival and CSIR-Aroma Mission

Focus: GS I: Festivals Why in News? Recently, the Union Minister of Science & Technology inaugurated the Lavender festival at Bhaderwah in the Jammu region. Lavender Festival and CSIR-Aroma Mission Lavender Festival: CSIR-Aroma Mission: Lavender:

Key Highlights of India Rankings 2023

Focus: GS II: Education Why in News? Minister of State for Education and External Affairs released the India Rankings 2023, which implements the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) drafted for this purpose by the Ministry of Education in 2015.  Key Highlights of India Rankings 2023 About NIRF