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Path To Intelligent And Precise Agriculture

Context The Green Revolution in India, which began in the 1960s, enabled the country to make significant strides in domestic food production and contributed significantly to progress in agriculture and allied sectors. It transformed India from a food-deficit country to an export-oriented country with a food surplus. In India, 70% of rural households still rely […]

What is Liquid Nano Urea?

Context: During his visit to Gujarat, Prime Minister officially inaugurated the country’s first liquid nano urea plant at Kalol. Relevance: GS II- Agriculture and Related issues Dimensions of the Article: What is liquid nano urea? Benefits of liquid nano urea: How does it work? What is liquid nano urea? It is essentially urea in the […]

Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for Sugarcane

Context: Maharashtra Government issued a government resolution which will allow sugar mills to pay the basic Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) in two tranches. Relevance: GS-III: Agriculture (Agricultural Pricing and Marketing, Food Security) Dimensions of the Article: What are the changes in the government resolution? What is Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) for Sugarcane? What are the […]


[sops (noun, plural): A thing, given or done as a concession to appease someone, whose main concerns or demands are not being met] Agriculture is a crucial segment for inclusive development and provides stimulus to the economy, especially when it is not doing too well. Since the country has several targets and commitments to be […]


Why in news? In an addressing of the Bamboo Conclave, it was said that – Bamboo is vital to India’s Post- COVID economy and will provide an opportunity for India to emerge as an economic power with the support of its Bamboo resources. Promotion of Bamboo in India Northeast consists 60% of India’s reserve of […]


Why in news? The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has advised all states to speed up procurement operations for Minor Forest Produceto support the Tribals especially in the backdrop if situation created by COVID-19 and also keeping in view that it is now peak season for gathering of MFP. TRIFED’s Online Monitoring Dashboard An online monitoring […]