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UPSC Foundation Course

How is Legacy IAS Academy’s Foundation Course ‘Different’?

  • Our Foundation Course is NOT designed like any other ‘9-months course’ or ‘1-year course’ that boasts about completing the syllabus within that course duration. The course is tailored to accommodate classes till the commencement of your Mains Exam from the starting day of your batch, with the focus on accounting for every single micro-topic and effectively spreading it across the batch duration to have maximum clarity and retention along with efficiency.
  • As you progress, your Foundation Course will also provide you with a Daily Schedule that breaks up your preparation down to an hourly basis for imparting that EXTRA-INTENSIVE routine to effectively cover every nook and corner of the syllabus along with the understanding of importance levels.
  • Our classes are made accessible through 3 modes –
    1. Offline Physical Classroom Sessions,
    2. Live and Interactive Online Sessions and
    3. Recorded Sessions.
  • Our platform ensures that the Offline physical classroom sessions and the Online Interactive sessions run simultaneously to the effect that even in the situations, such as the ones exposed by the pandemic, where you are bound to to be absent in the classroom – you can attend the Live and Interactive Online sessions from anywhere without missing out on asking doubts and answering questions.
  • In case you are unable to attend even the online sessions, recorded sessions will be provided WITHOUT any unreasonable caveats such as ‘deletion of recorded sessions within a few days’.
  • Providing for you to be Consistent is our guarantee, and being Consistent will be your own guarantee for your success.
  • Legacy IAS Academy boasts of having capable and experienced faculty who are very well-versed with the dynamics of the UPSC Civil Services Exam and are abreast with the latest developments and even the diminutive changes in the pattern of the exam.
  • We will also have special guest lectures and motivation sessions with our Alumni and other eminent officers.
  • Legacy IAS Academy also guarantees the availability of faculty for guiding you and clearing your doubts, again, WITHOUT any unreasonable caveats such as “faculties will be available only on prior notice on particular days”.
  • Comprehensive, Relevant and Updated Study Materials for each of the Static Subjects such as Indian Economy, Physical and Indian Geography, Indian Polity, Environment and Ecology and more, will be provided from the institute to supplement your preparation.
  • A student ONLY needs: ONE Standard Book, Legacy IAS Modules for and the Class Notes for each subject to prepare holistically for the exam.
  • Daily Current Affairs Notes prepared from various newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, etc., will be provided along with Editorial Analysis and PIB Summaries of the government’s press releases on the Press Information Bureau website. A monthly compilation of the Current Affairs notes, Editorial Analysis, and PIB summaries will be provided as well.
  • Along with the Static Subject Notes and Daily Current Affairs, you will also get Daily Quizzes based on Current affairs and Static subjects.
  • The Course Structure for each batch is designed by integrating the Prelims and Mains Test Series to facilitate for a seamless and holistic preparation.
  • Class Tests on Weekends, Surprise testsDaily Mains Answer Writing Practice (D-MAP) apart from the test series will be a part and parcel of your course to keep you on your toes and aware of your progress.
  • Each of our batches is limited to no more than 40 students to help towards the cause of providing individual attention.
  • We do NOT believe in dividing our resources and increasing the number of students as it reduces the delivery efficiency and we can also understand the adverse effects of sitting in a classroom packed with over hundred students. Hence, we have a high faculty-to-student ratio in every batch to facilitate for effective mentoring of students during their preparation with sufficient individual attention and engagement in the classroom.
  • The preparation for the Optional subject is constructed to facilitate a candidate to attain maximum marks, with/without prior background in the subject by using detailed-analytical deconstruction of the subject syllabus and its previous question papers.
  • The Optional Subjects will be covered in 3 hour classes on Saturdays and Sundays over a duration of 5 months.
  • Our expert faculty and guest faculty for each of the Optional Subjects provided at the institute: viz. Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology, have more than 7 years of teaching experience with respect to their optional subject. They will ensure that your preparation for the two papers dedicated for the optional subject in your mains exam is at the maximum potential.

Introducing Legacy IAS Academy’s Complete Foundation Course

To realize the dream and bring out the IAS Officer within you – there are 3 key components that you will need to equip yourself with – 1. A Plan that Fits you Best, 2. The Right Approach to Maximize Progress and 3. Relentless Guidance.


With more than a decade of experience in guiding aspirants to their success, we at Legacy IAS Academy will help you reimagine your approach to the exam. With the ‘Complete Foundation Course’ ( to guide you from the very basics all the way to the absolute breadth and depth of the UPSC syllabus in an integrated manner, you can join the list of our success stories and be the next IAS officer!

The Complete Foundation Course is Legacy IAS Academy’s flagship programme which provides a comprehensive physical classroom + online platform to holistically foster aspirants through all three primary stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, viz., Preliminary exam, Main exam, and the Interview. This programme includes every segment of the syllabus in its entirety such as CSAT, Essay, and Optional Subject enabling the YOU to achieve the pinnacle of YOUR POTENTIAL.


  1. To improve the foundation in the static subjects, the subject content will be taught from basics, progressively moving on to the advanced concepts – however, we will limit the content to just one standard book per subject to effectively utilize time and memory.
  2. To develop presentation techniques in answer writing and enable fluidity, clarity and consistency in answer writing intuitively, daily mains answer writing practice will be a part and parcel of the course along with the Test Series and Daily quizzes.
  3. To ensure relentless support and motivation, individual attention will be paid and regular counseling and motivational sessions will be conducted by our expert mentors to maintain your focus and enthusiasm throughout the course duration.

Upcoming Complete Foundation Course Batches Scheduled for UPSC 2023-24

BatchDateClass TimingsCourse DetailsBatch Status
L4R23 Regular Batch30th NOV 202310:00 AM To 01:00 PM 02:00 PM To 05:00 PMGENERAL STUDIES [ PRELIMS-CUM-MAINS] + OPTIONAL SUBJECT + CSAT + INTERVIEW GUIDANCE + LRP + ESSAYAdmissions Closed

Interactive Session With Pruthvinath Gaud AIR-541

UPSC CSE Topper Ayan Jain AIR 87 Interview Guidance Session With Chief Mentor Pavan Kant

How does Legacy IAS Academy’s Online + Offline classes work?

  • At Legacy IAS Academy we employ our own online platform ( which was designed specifically for UPSC Civil Services Aspirants.
  • The platform enables access to Live and Interactive classes from anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection.
  • Each student will be provided with a secure access to the personalized platform and all the classroom content including presentations, PDFs and recorded videos will be available on the platform in an organized manner.
  • The platform works effectively in supporting the projection of content in the offline physical classroom as well as displaying the chat box to the faculty taking the class. Hence, it directly broadcasts everything the faculty ‘writes on the board’ in the classroom to the live online class while also displaying the doubts asked by online students directly to the faculty.
  • The platform also allows for recorded sessions to be made available throughout the course duration for a student missing out on attending the class in both offline and online modes. However, to ensure accountability and diligence, a student must provide for valid reasons to avail access to the recorded sessions.

How does Legacy IAS Academy conduct tests for Online students?

  • Similar to our own online platform for classes, we employ our own platform for conducting Online tests as well. Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Test Portal facilitates the conduction of BOTH Prelims and Mains Tests for our Online Students.
  • The e-test platform allows for smooth navigation through the Prelims questions (MCQs) and provisions for marking questions to attempt them later and reviewing marked questions are also made available.
  • The Prelims Tests will be graded and the results and batch-wise rank will be available immediately after completion of the test.
  • Mains tests conducted through the online platform will require the students to write their answers on A4 sheets, scan them and then upload the scanned PDF on the platform. The uploaded PDFs will be evaluated by the faculty and uploaded back on the platform for the students to view the feedback that they have received for their Mains answers.

Fee Structure for the Complete Foundation Course

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fees for the upcoming batch, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to provide more detailed information and assist you in any way we can.  


. The course includes:

  • General Studies classes (Prelims-cum-Mains integrated) +
  • Optional Subject classes +
  • Essay classes +
  • CSAT classes +
  • Test Series +
  • Super 30 Mentorship (if selected)


A registration fee of Rs. 10,000 (as a part of the total fee amount) is to be paid initially for blocking the seat in a particular batch.

The remaining amount (after deduction of the registration fees paid) can be paid as a single payment – in which case, you will avail an addition discount of Rs. 10,000.

The remaining amount can also be paid in 2 instalments – in which case the first instalment should be paid before the commencement of the classes and the second instalment should be paid after one month.

FAQs About UPSC Foundation Course

  1. 400+ sessions for General Studies Subjects, Optional Subject, Essay, CSAT and Interview Guidance
  2. Coverage of Concepts from Basics in NCERTs to Advanced levels
  3. Extensive Coverage of syllabus over longer course duration
  4. Frequent Class tests for both Prelims and Mains, apart from the Test-Series
  5. Enrollment to LRP and SLP programmes are included FREE of cost
  6. Unconditional Faculty Availability for Doubt Clarifications
  7. Study Materials (Legacy IAS Modules) are provided for all subjects + Monthly Current Affairs Compilations
  8. 45+ Prelims Tests and 20+ Mains Tests as a part of Test Series are Included
  9. Over 5 months of Weekend classes dedicated to Optional Subject
  10. Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice (D-MAP) and evaluation by faculty is included
  11. Daily updates for Current Affairs, PIB Summaries and Editorials Analysis along with weekend sessions for CA
  12. Includes Special Classes for Essay Writing, Budget Summary and Economic Survey Discussions, Prelims Tips and Tricks, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fees for the upcoming batch, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our team is always happy to provide more detailed information and assist you in any way we can.  

The Legacy’s Real’IAS’ation Programme (LRP) is the most intensive programme that any institute can aim to provide – with the target of “leaving no stone unturned” when it comes to covering the syllabus of the exam.

Some features of LRP that will boost your rates of success are:

  • Blueprint for success broken down to an hourly-schedule for each day
  • Applying knowledge from the exam perspective through Special Assignments and tests
  • Regular progress checks and monitoring of gaps in improvement
  • Individual Attention taken to the next level with doubt clearance and answer writing guidance
  • Covers every single concept at a ‘micro-topic level’ along with the understanding of importance levels
  • Special Graded tests with increasing difficulty levels for both Mains and Prelims
  • Special sessions for Current Affairs coverage and Prelims bits in Static Subjects

The one Optional Subject that you choose for the UPSC Main exam accounts for 500 marks and hence carries maximum weightage of marks. At Legacy IAS Academy, we will provide guidance for choosing the right optional for you with a foolproof strategy.

  • When it comes to Legacy IAS Academy’s Foundation Course, the optional subject classes will commence from the month of September each year (September 2022 for the UPSC 2023 Foundation Course).
  • The Optional Classes will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays with 3-hour sessions on each day.
  • The Duration allocated for the Optional Subject classes is 5 months (till the month of February 2023).
  • This period is accommodated for in a such a manner that it goes hand in hand with the completion of ‘GS Mains Exclusive Topics’ and the commencement of GS Mains Test Series, to maximize the effective utilization of time for a comprehensive coverage of all 9 papers of the UPSC Mains Exam.
  • The Optional Subjects Program (OSP) is designed to cover the entire syllabus of the Optional Subject from the surface to the depths, irrespective of having background knowledge in the subject.

The Prelims-cum-Mains course offered by Legacy IAS Academy provides for a comprehensive coverage of the UPSC Civil Services exam from both Prelims and Main exam perspectives. It includes classes for the General Studies Subjects (Covering both Prelims and Main examinations) along with Essay classes, CSAT classes and Interview Guidance.

The primary difference between the Foundation Course and the Prelims-cum-Mains course is that the Optional Subject classes are EXCLUDED IN PRELIMS-CUM-MAINS COURSE.

This makes the Prelims-cum-Mains course a suitable alternative to the Foundation Course for students who want to take up optional subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering and Science Subjects etc., for which the classes are not available at the institute. However, you are advised to talk to our expert counsellors on choosing the the best optional subject for you by calling us on (+91) 96069 00004, or, visiting our institute directly before taking a decision.

Every student who is enrolled for the Foundation Course avails access to the Live and Interactive Online classes on our platform.

In case a student is unable to attend the Offline Physical classroom session, the student can use the login credentials provided by the institute to access the personalized dashboard for Online classes and attend the Live session from anywhere with a working internet connection. With this model, the student will be able to ask doubts and answer the questions put forth in the classes irrespective of the situations that put constraints on being physically present in the classroom.

Legacy IAS Academy Foundation Course Online Session Recording
Legacy IAS Academy’s Online Platform for Live Interactive Sessions

Students enrolled for the Online Classes will be signed up to access the Live and Interactive Online Sessions on our platform which is broadcasted live from the classroom itself, while allowing for direct communication to ask doubts and answer questions as it happens in the classroom.

  • The online platform also records each session and allows for the recorded videos to be accessible along with the other files such as PPTs and PDFs in an organized manner.
  • Students (Both Online and Offline enrollments) will be given access to the recorded videos without any unreasonable caveats regarding the limited availability of the recorded videos. That is, the recorded sessions will be available for the entire course duration.
  • However, in order to maintain accountability and seriousness, a student must provide valid reason for missing both the Offline and Online classes while requesting for access to the recorded sessions.

Students enrolled to either the Offline classes or the Live-Online classes will be provided with Study Materials in the form of Modules for each of the Static Subjects along with Monthly Compilations of Current Affairs and other Miscellaneous materials as applicable.

As far as the Online students within India are concerned, physical copies of the study materials will be sent to their address via. post upon request.

Apart from the Modules and Compilations, content such as Daily Current Affairs, Editorial Analysis, PIB Summaries, Static and CA Quizzes will be shared online through links.

We understand the importance of being physically present in the classroom for learning; and this could be a cause of concern for students who do not currently reside close to the institute.

However, a sizeable proportion of our students are from outside Karnataka and these students reside in the numerous Paying Guest (PG) facilities close to the institute.

Jayanagar, being a prime residential locality in Bangalore has a large number of PGs available to students within a 2 kilometer radius around the institute. Students can avail accommodation for reasonable charges at these PGs and be a part of the UPSC focused ecosystem than prevails here.

Legacy IAS Academy does NOT directly provide for residence or hostel facilities, but we will provide you with assistance regarding availing accommodation in the PGs around the institute.

Yes, ‘No Cost EMI’ payment mode is available on cards of certain specific banks. Depending on the availability of the Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI) payment option on your card used for the payment of fees, you can avail the EMI facility.

From the Institute’s side, there is an additional discount of Rs. 10,000 provided for one shot payment of the fees (balance amount after payment of registration fees), which would benefit the students.

We also provide the option of paying the fees in 2 instalments, such that the first instalment is paid before the commencement of the classes and the second and final instalment is paid after a period of one month.

The specialty of Legacy IAS Academy’s Test Series lies in both Quality and Quantity.

  • The highest of standards are set for the quality of MCQs prepared by Legacy IAS Academy, as evident in the reflection of the questions in the Actual UPSC Prelims examinations.
  • 48 Tests are conducted as a part of the Prelims Test Series apart from the Class tests held during weekends as a part of the Foundation Course.
  • Each of these 48 Prelims tests will provide you with insightful analytics on overall, relative, subject-wise and difficulty-based performance.
  • When it comes to the Mains Test Series, more than 20 tests are conducted on the General Studies subjects for which the evaluation will done by the expert faculties themselves directly. This ensures the highest of feedback quality for the improvement of your answer-writing skills.

No, the students enrolled for the Foundation Course will be able to avail all the benefits of the Test-Series without any extra fees.

The different modes of assessment that are available for every Foundation Course Student are:

  • 48 Prelims Tests as a part of the Prelims Test Series
  • 22 GS Mains Tests as a part of the Mains Test Series
  • 5 Essay Tests as a part of the Mains Test Series
  • Prelims and Mains Class tests conducted frequently on weekends (not a part of Test Series)
  • Surprise Tests
  • Daily Static Quiz and Daily Current Affairs Quiz
  • The Interview round accounts for 275 marks out of a total of 2025 marks that are considered for the Final Ranking.
  • Interview guidance is now included by Legacy IAS Academy as a part of the Foundation course. As a part of the Interview Guidance Programme, we will be supporting you in:
    1. DAF Based Assessment by the Experts along with DAF discussion
    2. Personality Development sessions
    3. Mock Interviews and Feedback sessions
    4. Providing Home State and District specific Questionnaire and support for answers
    5. Providing Basic and Hobby-related Questionnaire and support for answers
    6. Guidance on Presentation of oneself and Navigation through Probable questions
    7. Guidance on Controlling the “direction” of the interview and Dodging controversial statements
    8. Covering Current Affairs for the Interview