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Monthly Yojana Summary For UPSC Exam

Yojana Magazine is a monthly magazine published by the Indian government in which you may see the government’s point of view on many issues.


What are the Benefits of Reading Yojana Magazine?

  • Yojana Magazine gives the government’s perspective on topics, as well as facts and analysis.
  • Yojana Magazine will assist you in essay writing because it examines each issue from many angles by people from various backgrounds.
  • Yojana is a monthly magazine that covers a significant percentage of the mains syllabus, particularly in the area of General Studies.
  • You can also learn about newly launched government programmes, government initiatives, and policy efforts, among other things.

Each issue of Yojana Magazine is summarised by our strong and experienced team to assist students with revision.

The following links will allow you to download the Magazine Summary:

Monthly Yojana Summary