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PIB 4th January

Contents: 107th Indian Science Congress Savitribai Phule FAME India Scheme National Human Rights Commission KVIC Opens Silk Processing Plant in Gujrat 107TH INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS 107th Indian Science Congress (ISC) WAS inaugurated at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru. Theme of 107th ISC – “Science and Technology: Rural Development”. India now stands at 3rd position globally, […]

4th January – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Fast-Forward: Vision 2020 for Development Rival territorial claims by ethnic groups can derail potential gains of Naga Accord Economic slowdown: Time to act fast Data Drive: Limping towards Sustainable Development Goals FAST-FORWARD: VISION 2020 FOR DEVELOPMENT Some years become landmarks in the history of countries because they are attached with important events that take […]

Investment models in Planning

Models Used in the Planning Process   Harrod – Domar Growth Model  Mahalanobis Strategy of Economic Growth   Planning Model Adopted in India  Infrastructure Investment Models   Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Infrastructure   EPC MODEL   Swiss Challenge Model  Hybrid Annuity Model  Models of Foreign Investment  Foreign Direct Investment   Foreign Institutional Investors  Harrod – Domar Growth Model  Harrod and Domar […]

Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Exam – 4 January 2020

Contents: U.S. Kills top Iranian General in Air Strike Protests against Citizenship Amendment Act Krishnapatnam Port Fallouts for India due to U.S. Air Strike on Iran U.S. KILLS TOP IRANIAN GENERAL IN AIR STRIKE Why in News? The U.S. killed Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, in an air strike […]

Purchasing Managers Index

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is an indicator of economic health for manufacturing and service sectors. For India, the PMI Data is published by Japanese firm Nikkei but compiled and constructed by Markit Economics.  Purchasing Managers Index  India’s manufacturing conditions improved in June at the strongest pace in 2018 so far.  For India, the PMI […]

RBI’s Autonomy

  What’s the issue?  The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government give the impression that they are not on the same page even as far as an understanding of their roles is concerned. The RBI suggests that its independence is being violated while the government rationalises its intervention in terms of its concern for […]

IIP (Index of Industrial Production)

IIP is a short term indicator of industrial growth till the results from Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) and National Accounts Statistics (Eg: GDP) are available.  The base year of the index is given a value of 100. So, if the current IIP reads 180, it means that there has been 80% industrial growth compared to the […]

Measuring Inflation in India (CPI/WPI)

Rate of inflation  It is the rate of change of general price level which is measured as follows:  Rate of inflation(year X)= price level(year X)- price level(year X-1)/ PL(year X-1)* 100  It is measured on the basis of price indices   WPI  CPI  GDP deflator  A price index is a weighted average of the prices of […]

Concept of Business cycle

Business cycle  For the Quality of Life to improve, a conscious public policy which spends in areas like food, nutrition, health, education, shelter, social security, etc is required. But for such expenditures and investments, the economy needs equitable level of income, too!   The income enhancement and development is dependent on growth prospects I.e real GNP. […]

Effects of Inflation

On creditors and debtors  Redistributes wealth from creditors to debtors  Lenders suffer and borrowers benefit  Opposite happens when inflation falls(deflation)     On lending  Institutions feel the pressure of higher lending as real interest rate is less than nominal rate.  On aggregate demand  Indicates comparatively lower supply and aggregate demand rises  Higher purchasing power  Suggests producers […]