Control Inflation by Acting on Liquidity

Context The recent action of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to raise the repo rate by 40 basis points and cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 50 basis points is a recognition of the serious situation with respect to inflation in our country and the resolve to tackle inflation. Relevance GS-III: Indian Economy and issues […]

Literacy and Delivery of Services, Not Religion, Influences Fertility

Context The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 5 report that was awaited for nearly six months is finally out. And it provides a heartening outlook. Relevance GS-I: Role of Women and Women’s Organization, Population and Associated Issues, Poverty and Developmental issues, Urbanization, their problems and their remedies. Dimensions of the Article About NHFS Replacement Rate […]


Focus: Government policies and Intervention Why in News? AIM, NITI Aayog launches the AIM-PRIME Playbook to help academicians launch deep-tech spin-offs Details: In this regard, AIM has joined hands with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to launch this nationwide program which will be implemented by Venture Center – a non-profit technology business incubator. The […]

About Mission Integrated Bio-refineries

Goal:  Develop and demonstrate innovative solutions to accelerate the commercialization of integrated biorefineries, with a target of replacing 10% of fossil-based fuels, chemicals and materials with bio-based alternatives by 2030 Mission:  The Mission will advance sustainable biorefining pathways and technologies to support the development and commercialization of bio-based fuels, chemicals and materials, by also considering […]

State of the World’s Birds Report

Context: The State of the World’s Birds, an annual review of environmental resources published recently by nine natural sciences and avian specialists across the globe, has revealed that the population of 48% of the 10,994 surviving species of birds is declining. Relevance: GS III- Environment and Ecology ( Conservation, Environmental Pollution & Degradation) Dimensions of […]

Depreciation of Indian Rupee

Context: The Indian rupee fell to an all-time low of 77.44 against the U.S. Dollar. Relevance: GS-III: Indian Economy (Capital Market, Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy) Dimensions of the Article: What is Currency Depreciation and what are it causes Impact of the drop Reasons for Current Depreciation of Indian Rupee What is Currency Depreciation and what […]

About Pulitzer Prize

Context: A team of four Indian photographers from Reuters news agency — slain photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, Adnan Abidi, Sanna Irshad Mattoo and Amit Dave — have won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for their coverage of the Covid-19 crisis in India. Relevance: GS I- Personalities in News Dimensions of the Article: About Pulitzer […]

Level of Ethanol Blending

Context: The level of ethanol blending in petrol in India has reached 9.99%. Relevance: GS-III: Environment and Ecology, GS-III: Industry and Infrastructure Dimensions of the Article: What is Ethanol fuel? Ethanol Blended Petrol Programme (EBP) Roadmap for Ethanol Blending in India by 2025 Advantages of Ethanol Blending What is Ethanol fuel? Ethanol fuel is ethyl […]

What Are Marsquake ?

Context: Recently, NASA has reported that its InSight Mars lander detected the largest quake ever observed on another planet. The rover first landed on Mars in November 2018, and has since heard 1,313 quakes. The largest previously recorded “marsquake” was detected in August 2021. Relevance: GS III- Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: What […]

Martand Sun Temple

Context: After Prayers held at the ruins of the eighth-century Martand Sun Temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag is deemed to be a violation of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) rules. Relevance: GS I- History, Facts for Prelims About Martand Sun Temple The Martand Sun Temple is a Hindu temple in the Kashmir Valley, […]