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With Reference To The National Rural Health Mission, Which of the following are the Jobs of ‘ASHA’, a trained Community Health Worker?

With reference to the National Rural Health Mission, which of the following are the jobs of ‘ASHA’, a trained community health worker? 1. Accompanying women to the health facility for antenatal care checkup 2. Using pregnancy test kits for early detection of pregnancy 3. Providing information on nutrition and immunization 4. Conducting the delivery of […]

With What Purpose Is The-Government of India Promoting The Concept of Mega Food Parks?

With what purpose is the-Government of India promoting the concept of “Mega Food Parks”? 1. To provide good infrastructure facilities for the food processing industry. 2. To increase the processing of perishable items and reduce wastage. 3. To provide emerging and eco–friendly food processing technologies to entrepreneurs. Select the correct answer using the codes given […]