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Orderly Transition From Coal to Renewables

Context Following the Ukraine-Russia war, commodity prices, particularly energy prices, have risen globally, raising concerns about energy security. Additionally, in 2021, India’s thermal power plants had an average of four days’ worth of coal stock against a recommended level of 15-30 days, with a number of states expressing concerns about blackouts due to the coal […]

The Rupee Fall: Where It Is Heading

Context When the rupee depreciates, buying (importing) something from outside India becomes costlier. But if one is trying to sell (export) goods and services to the rest of the world (especially the US), a falling rupee makes India’s products more competitive. Relevance Mains GS Paper III: Fiscal policy, Monetary policy, Impact of free fall of the […]

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund(PMNRF)

Focus: Welfare schemes for vulnerable Sections Why in News? The Prime Minister has announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 2 lakh each from Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) for the next of kin of those who lost their lives due to the bus tragedy in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh. The injured would be given Rs. 50,000. […]

What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?

What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?

Focus: GS II- Indian Economy Why in News? Customers will have to pay a 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on pre-packed, labelled food items such as atta, paneer and curd, besides hospital rooms with rents above ₹5,000. What is GST? GST is a destination-based indirect tax and is levied at the final consumption point. […]

Everything About Anayoottu Ritual

Everything About Anayoottu Ritual

Context: Anayoottu, an annual ritual at the Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple, Thrissur was recently held. Relevance: GS I- History Dimensions of the Article: About Anayoottu Reason for the Anayootu About Anayoottu The Aanayoottu (gaja pooja/ feeding of elephants) is a festival held in the precincts of the Vadakkunnathan temple in City of Thrissur, in Kerala. The […]

What Is The Marburg Virus Disease?

Context The first two cases of the Marburg virus, a highly infectious Ebola-like disease, have been confirmed officially by Ghana after test results were verified by a Senegal laboratory. This outbreak is only the second time that the disease has been detected in West Africa. Relevance: GS II- Health Dimensions of the Article: What is […]

Minority Status in India is State-Dependent: Supreme Court

Context: The minority status of religious and linguistic communities is “State-dependent”, said the Supreme Court. Relevance: GS II- Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Who is a minority and who decides that? What does the PIL argue? Constitutional Provisions Who is a minority and who decides that? The PIL specifically questions the validity of […]

One Sun One World One Grid

Context: India and UK, jointly announced a declaration on “one sun, one world, one grid” — or OSOWOG at the Conference of Parties (COP26), held in Glasgow, UK Relevance: GS-III: Environment and Ecology (Conservation of the Environment, International Treaties and Agreements), GS-II: International Relations (India’s neighbors, Foreign Policies affecting India’s Interests), GS-III: Industry and Infrastructure […]

The Pakistan And IMF Talks

Context: Recently, the staff-level talks between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded for the seventh and eighth review under Extended Fund Facility (EFF). Relevance: GS III- Indian Economy Dimensions of the Article: About International Monetary Fund (IMF) What was the Extended Fund Facility (EFF)? How important is the IMF support to Pakistan? Why […]