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Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 14 July 2023

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 14 July 2023 Contents Digital Transformation in India: Challenges and Principles Context: India is undergoing a rapid digital revolution, which offers both benefits and difficulties. Although the nation has a sizable online market and a thriving finance industry, it still has access challenges and needs to repair its basic analogue infrastructure. […]

National Policy for Rare Diseases 2021

Context: Recently, the GST Council said the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) on medicines and Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) used for treating rare diseases enlisted under the National Policy for Rare Diseases, 2021, will be exempt when imported for personal use. Relevance: GS-II: Social Justice (Health related issues, Governance and Government Policies, […]

About the Artificial Sweetener

Context: A World Health Organization’s (WHO) committee categorised artificial sweetener aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. However, another committee simultaneously assessing the levels that can be safely consumed has said there is no need to reduce the previously established acceptable daily intake (ADI) for the sweetener. Relevance: GS II: Health Dimensions of the Article: Low-Calorie/Artificial Sweeteners: How […]

What are Non Fungible Tokens?

Context: NFTs are gaining massive popularity now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to showcase and sell digital artwork. Relevance: GS III- Indian Economy (Money and Banking) Dimensions of the Article: What are Non fungible tokens( NFTs)? Who can buy NFTs? How do NFTs work? Difference between NFT and cryptocurrency NFTs and cryptocurrencies […]

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS)

Context: Southern Railway has identified 90 stations for development under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS). Relevance: GS II: Government Policies and Interventions Dimensions of the Article: Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS): Implementation Approach: Facilities Planned under ABSS: -Source: Indian Express  

About The Marine Heatwave

Context: The northern Bay of Bengal has been experiencing an intense Marine Heatwave since 28th June 2023, leading to India’s usually arid northwest receiving extreme rainfall. Relevance: GS I: Geography Dimensions of the Article: Marine Heatwave: Impact of Marine Heatwave on Rainfall in Northwest India: Impacts of Marine Heatwaves: -Source: Down To Earth  

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

Context: According to Army sources, there is a significant limitation for security forces operating without the legal protection provided by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Manipur. Relevance: GS III- Government Policies and Interventions Dimensions of the Article: Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) AFSPA Acts in force It is effective in the […]

 Social Trailblazer Programme & Social Entrepreneurship

Context: The Union Minister of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, while addressing a Social Enterprise Conclave organized by Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) in partnership with LIC Housing Finance Limited has launched the 2nd edition of the Social Trailblazer Program, aiming to boost the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in India. Relevance: GS III: Indian Economy Dimensions of the Article: Social Trailblazer Programme: Objectives: […]


Focus: GS II: Government Policies and Interventions Why in News? Recently, the Union Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways inaugurated the indigenous Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS) ‘SAGAR SAMPARK. About SAGAR SAMPARK: Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS): Transmitting Corrections: Assisting Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships (DGLL): Benefits for Marine Navigation: Improved GPS […]