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Gene Edited Low-Pungent Mustard

Context: Recently, Indian scientists developed the first ever Gene edited low-pungent mustard that is pest and disease-resistant. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: Issues with Mustard Seeds: Gene Editing Breakthrough: Outcome and Benefits: Impact: -Source: Indian Express


Context: Recently, a Tapas unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) crashed in agriculture fields near a village in Karnataka’s Chitradurga. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Tactical Airborne Platform for Aerial Surveillance-Beyond Horizon-201 or Tapas BH-201 Long-Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: TAPAS UAV, previously known as Rustom-II, is an advanced […]

About The Madan Lal Dhingra

Context: On the 114th death anniversary of Madan Lal Dhingra, a massive memorial was inaugurated in Amritsar, where he hailed from. Relevance: GS I: History Madan Lal Dhingra: Indian Revolutionary Freedom Fighter -Source: Indian Express

About The Kashmir Stag

Context: After two years, the unique Kashmir stag (Hangul) the state animal of Jammu and Kashmir, has again shown a marginal increase in its population. Relevance: GS III: Species in News Dimensions of the Article: Kashmir Stag (Hangul): Conservation Status: Dachigam National Park: Key Highlights -Source: The Hindu

Acoustic Side Channel Attack

Context: A research paper titled “A Practical Deep Learning-Based Acoustie Side Channel Attack on Keyboards”, revealed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to decode passwords by analysing the sound produced by keystrokes. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: Acoustic Side Channel Attack (ASCA) Methodology: Research Findings: Implications and Security Concerns: […]

Nutrition and Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention

Context: Recently, two studies conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and published in prestigious journals such as The Lancet and The Lancet Global Health, have unveiled a pivotal connection between nutrition and tuberculosis (TB) prevention. Relevance: GS II: Health Dimensions of the Article: Key Findings from the Studies on Nutrient-Dense Food for […]

 Sixth Anniversary of the Minamata Convention

Context: The sixth anniversary of the Minamata Convention on Mercury is a reminder of global efforts to combat the toxic effects of mercury. On this occasion, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reflects on the ongoing campaign to eradicate the use of mercury in small-scale gold mining. Relevance: GS III: Environment and Ecology Dimensions of […]

National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF)

Context: The Central Government recently approved the release of Rs 200 crore from the National Disaster Response Fund as advance assistance to Himachal Pradesh. Relevance: GS III: Disaster Management Dimensions of the Article: National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) Definition and Purpose: Funding and Management: Eligibility Criteria: Claiming Assistance: Decision Authority: Sources of Financing: Significance: National […]

About Exercise MALABAR

Context: The 27th edition of Exercise MALABAR took place off the East Coast of Australia near Sydney, concluding on August 21, 2023. Relevance: GS III: Security Challenges Dimensions of the Article: About Exercise MALABAR Participating Units: Operations and Integration: Shared Commitment and Regional Stability: