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Sunny Side Up India – Challenges in Advancing Renewable Energy

Context: India and Saudi Arabia entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on September 10 to collaborate in the energy sector. Notably, the focus of this agreement is on renewable energy, with the potential for connecting their national power grids via an underwater link. Relevance: Mains Question: Linking of national grids between India and Saudi […]

Section 6A of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act

Context: A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has determined that its 2014 judgment, which invalidated Section 6A of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act governing the CBI, will apply retrospectively from the date the provision (6A) was introduced in 2003. Section 6A mandated that any inquiry into corruption allegations involving officials holding the rank of Joint Secretary […]

About The Gene-Drive Technology

Context: Gene-drive technology has been used in outdoor but controlled conditions in India, Brazil, and Panama to genetically manipulate mosquitoes. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: About Gene-Drive Technology: Recent Developments: -Source: The Hindu

Poila Baisakh: West Bengal Foundation Day

Context: The West Bengal Legislative Assembly recently made a significant decision by declaring ‘Poila Baisakh,’ the first day of the Bengali calendar, as ‘Bangla Dibas’ or West Bengal Foundation Day. Relevance: Facts for Prelims Dimensions of the Article: Controversy Over West Bengal’s Foundation Day Background: In 2023, a significant dispute arose surrounding West Bengal’s Foundation Day. […]

About The Vidya Samiksha Kendras

Context: Under the National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR), the Ministry of Education is pushing the establishment of Vidya Samiksha Kendras (VSKs) across states. Relevance: GS II: Education, Human Resource Dimensions of the Article: Vidya Samiksha Kendras (VSKs): Leveraging Data and Technology for Education Enhancement Objectives: Significance: National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR): Empowering Education Through Digital […]

Demand for Reservations: Maratha Community

Context: Recently, in Maharashtra, the demand for reservations in educational institutions and government jobs by the Maratha community has once again taken center stage. Relevance: GS II: Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: History and Status of the Maratha Reservation Demand: The demand for reservation by the Maratha community in the Indian state of […]

About The Megalithic Dolmen Site

Context: Unique terracotta figurines in different states of preservation have been found in recent archaeological explorations conducted in the megalithic dolmen site at Mudu Konaje, near Moodbidri, in Dakshina Kannada. Relevance: GS I: History Dimensions of the Article: Megalithic Dolmen Site: Key Findings at the Mudu Konaje Megalithic Dolmen Site: Significance of Findings: -Source: The […]

Nipah Virus Outbreak in Kerala

Context: Two people have died and four others are under treatment after contracting Nipah virus in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. While the Nipah virus does not spread as quickly as the Covid-19 virus, it is more deadly. Relevance: GS II: Health Dimensions of the Article: Nipah Virus Nipah virus is classified as a zoonotic disease, indicating […]

About Nataraja Sculpture In G20

Context: Recently, The G20 Leaders’ Summit at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, featured a stunning 27-foot Nataraja sculpture, the world’s tallest representation of Lord Shiva in his dancing form. Relevance GS I: Indian Art Forms Dimensions of the Article: Key Highlights of the Nataraja Statue in Bharat Mandapam: The Lost Wax Method: The lost wax method, […]


Legacy IAS August 2023 PIB SUMMARIES – Monthly Compilation for UPSC Civil Services Exam (IAS Exam) will be extremely crucial for your UPSC preparation.   The source, Press Information Bureau of India is indubitably the most important source of Current Affairs for any UPSC aspirant. In this Compilation you will find important PIB articles from […]