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About Longevity India Initiative

Context: Recently, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) launched the Longevity India Initiative. Relevance: Facts for Prelims About Longevity India Initiative The Longevity India Initiative is a project aimed at extending the human ‘health span’ and addressing challenges related to ageing. Key Features: Significance: -Source: Business Standards

Bitcoin Halving: An Overview

Context: The cryptocurrency community is gearing up for the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which is likely to be held this weekend. Relevance: GS III: Indian Economy Dimensions of the Article: Bitcoin Halving: An Overview How Does Bitcoin Halving Occur? Blockchain Technology and Mining: Halving Mechanism: Impact on the Crypto Market: Scarcity and Price Pressure: Potential […]

New Genetic Variant Linked to Parkinson’s Disease Discovered by Scientists

Context: Scientists have identified a new genetic variant associated with Parkinson’s disease. This discovery provides insights into the evolutionary origins of various familial forms of parkinsonism and lays the groundwork for a better understanding and treatment of the condition. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: Parkinson’s Disease: An Overview Definition and […]

Why are Sugary Processed Foods Detrimental to Health?

Context: A 100g serving of Bournvita contains 86.7g of carbohydrates, with 49.8g being sugar, out of which 37.4g is added sugar. This means that for every 20g serving of Bournvita, consumers are ingesting about 10g of sugar. The production process of Bournvita involves malting, a technique where grains are converted into sugar. Malting is a […]

 Global Financial Stability Report 2024

Context: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released the Global Financial Stability Report 2024, focusing on ‘The Last Mile: Financial Vulnerabilities and Risks.’ The report cautions about the risks to the global financial system stemming from persistent high inflation, escalating lending in the unregulated credit market, and growing cyber-attacks targeting financial institutions. Relevance: GS III: […]

Green Credit Programme

Context: Recently, the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change(MoEFCC) has clarified that under the Green Credit Program(GCP) primacy must be accorded to restoring ecosystems over merely tree planting. Relevance: GS III: Environment and Ecology Dimensions of the Article: Green Credit Programme: Objectives: Tradable Credits: Program Administrator: Green Credit Activities: The programme promotes a range of activities that contribute to environmental […]

Tamil Nadu’s Economic Transformation Driven by Diversification and Industrialization

Context: Tamil Nadu’s economic landscape is experiencing a substantial transformation, transitioning from its traditional agricultural base to a more diversified and industrialized economy. This shift is primarily attributed to the rise of cluster capitalists and ‘entrepreneurs from below,’ who are spearheading growth across various industry sectors. Relevance: GS III: Indian Economy Dimensions of the Article: […]

Centre-State Relations and Poor Doctor-Population Ratio

Context: The intricate details of execution can often thwart even the grandest aspirations. Few examples illustrate this as poignantly as the saga of the Madurai AIIMS. The concept of establishing numerous All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) throughout the nation stemmed from a pressing need — to address the disparity between healthcare demand and availability […]

Drop in Private Investments

Context: The narrative thus far revolves around the persistent challenge of sluggish private investment, measured by the proportion of private Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) to gross domestic product (GDP) at current prices, which has hindered the progress of the Indian economy. Private investment has steadily declined since 2011-12, prompting the government to pin hopes on major Indian […]