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About Longevity India Initiative


Recently, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) launched the Longevity India Initiative.


Facts for Prelims

About Longevity India Initiative

The Longevity India Initiative is a project aimed at extending the human ‘health span’ and addressing challenges related to ageing.

Key Features:
  • Focus on Health Span Extension: The initiative aims to prolong the period of healthy living and address age-related health issues.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration: It involves collaboration among researchers from various departments at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), clinicians, industry partners, philanthropists, and civil society.
  • Clinical Study: A large-scale clinical study is underway as part of the initiative, focusing on ageing-related research and interventions.
  • Research Objectives: The initiative emphasizes both fundamental and applied research to deepen the understanding of ageing and develop solutions to enhance quality of life.
  • Intervention Development: Leveraging advanced research, the initiative aims to develop interventions for more effective management of age-related diseases, with a focus on promoting healthy ageing throughout India.
  • Funding Support: Initial grant funding for the initiative has been provided by Prashanth Prakash, Founding Partner of Accel India.
  • Growing Elderly Population: With India’s elderly population projected to reach 347 million by 2050, the initiative addresses the urgent need to address ageing-related challenges.
  • Technological Solutions: It highlights the importance of leveraging technology to provide accessible geriatric healthcare, support the silver economy, and invest in digital systems that cater to ageing populations.

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May 2024