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NAM Faces Challenges of Neo-Colonialism

Context: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “Those who forget history and do not learn from it are condemned to repeat it.” This remark, made during his 1948 speech in the House of Commons, was directed at his predecessor, who failed to adequately arm the country, making the Second World War inevitable. Relevance: GS2- Groupings & […]

Government Must Reboot its ‘Neighbourhood First’ Policy

Context: The presence of leaders from nearby nations and the Indian Ocean region at the Indian Prime Minister’s third-term inauguration underscores the importance New Delhi places on these relationships. The government of the day must prioritize efforts to reclaim neighboring countries that have aligned more closely with China. Relevance: GS2- Mains Question: The government’s top priorities should […]

Asian Development Bank ADB

Context: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has made a significant commitment of USD 2.6 billion in sovereign lending (important source of financing for countries around the world) to India in 2023, focusing on various development projects and initiatives. Relevance: GS II- Inter Groupings Dimensions of the Article: About Asian Development Bank (ADB): -Source: The Economic Times

Chabahar’s Opportunities and Challenges

Context: The recently finalized agreement between India and Iran, granting New Delhi the rights to invest in and manage the Shahid-Behesti terminal at Chabahar Port for an additional decade, has garnered significant attention. The agreement comes at a volatile time in West Asia, with ongoing conflict in Gaza, heightened Israel-Iran tensions, and domestic challenges in Tehran following the […]

The Recognition of Palestine by More Nations

Context: Ireland, Norway, and Spain have announced their plans to officially recognize the state of Palestine next week, highlighting the shifting international opinion that the Israeli Prime Minister cannot afford to ignore. Relevance: GS2- Mains Question: The recognition of Palestine by more nations is an indictment of Israel. Analyse. (10 Marks, 150 Words). The Israel-Palestine Conflict: An […]

India’s Approach in the South China Sea

Focus: GS-II: Bilateral Groupings and Agreements Why in News? Indian Naval Ships Delhi, Shakti and Kiltan visited Manila, Philippines as part of Operational Deployment of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet to South China Sea. Significance of the South China Sea: Strategic Location: Trade Significance: Fishing Ground: Additionally, the South China Sea serves as a productive […]

India- China and the LAC Crisis

Context: Earlier this month, during a literary festival in Ajmer, former Army Chief Gen Naravane labelled China as India’s primary threat. He suggested that confrontation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was beneficial as it exposed a ground reality that Delhi was hesitant to acknowledge. Last week, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defence […]

India-Greece Bilateral Relations

Context: The forthcoming state visit of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to New Delhi on February 21-22 marks a crucial step in the development of a strategic relationship between India and Greece. This process was initiated with the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Greece in August 2023, generating significant enthusiasm in Greece at the […]

India-UAE Relations

Context: The Prime Minister of India will be on a two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to hold bilateral meeting with the President of the UAE. Relevance: GS Paper 2: Important Bilateral Agreements Dimensions of the Article: Bilateral Relationship between India and the UAE Commercial Relationship India and the UAE have signed a […]

Myanmar India’s Strategic Dilemma

Context: Concerned about the surge of refugees and insurgents due to the ongoing crisis, the Indian government has opted to secure the Myanmar border with fencing, discontinuing the free movement regime (FMR). Similar measures have been taken at the Bangladesh frontier, aiming to act as a deterrent and prevent the current issues from escalating. Relevance: […]