• To write a philosophical essay, first you should decode the meaning of the essay. In this essay, Dr B R Ambedkar explained the meaning of life. Life should be long or great. In this essay we should write about the life and prove that great life is worth living rather than loving long life. You should give various examples to prove your arguments.

Structure of essay:


you can write introduction through following ways:

  • Define the life in the context of great and long. Also give reasons why great life is more important than long life.
  • Give anecdote (a short story), to explain the meaning of essay like Swami Vivekananda.


  • The above statement by Dr. Ambedkar aptly catches the contribution of leaders during the time of Independence. Be it Mahatma Gandhi, whose greatness lies not only in his contribution towards independence but of Swaraj and Sarvodaya. Swaraj is as much about self-rule as about inner rule, which once conquered would lead to greatness.
  • The great India Sage Mahavira emphasized on Right Knowledge, Right Faith and Right Action which would lead one to the path of greatness. It needs to be seen that for doing great one need not possess extraordinary powers but following the above advice would indeed lead to a life of purpose.
  • In any society, the functioning of it is dependent on its members. Its advancement depends on the work performed by its members which when undertaken with utmost integrity would eventually make its members lead a great life in a developed society.

Great life dwells in ADHERENCE to truth and one’s own duty irrespective of the hurdles faced by the person on the course of its performance. It may have different meaning to different individual. For example,

  • Citizen greatness is measured through his patriotism. Bhagat Singh
  • Player’s greatness is in the performance for team. Sachin Tendulkar
  • Sweeper’s greatness in cleaning the dirt dutifully.
  • Political head in performance of “RAJ DHARMA” to secure good governance for the nation.
  • Social reformer’s in uplifting the society. Raja ram Mohan Roy, Kailash Satyarthi

At personal level, greatness lies in attainment of self-actualization through simplicity of life and attainment of true self potential. And at societal level, greatness lies in leaving a legacy which can help integrate the society, nature and self via foresightedness, altruism and commitment.

Thesis Statement:

After introduction, you should give a thesis statement (Outline of the essay)

  • In thesis statement, you should give your own argument about the topic and prove it with relevant examples in body of the essay.


Body of the essay can divide in the following dimensions:

  • Temporal Aspect: In temporal aspect, you should give various examples to prove that why great life is important than long live.
    • Gautam Buddha
    • Examples from Bhakti movement
      • Guru Nanak etc
    • Examples from Freedom struggle movement:
      • Mahatma Gandhi
      • Bhagat Singh
      • Subhash Chandra Bosh
    • Etc
  • Sectoral Aspect: Here you should write following dimensions with relevant examples of great personality
    • Social
    • Political
    • Economic
    • Environmental
    • Science and technology
    • International relations
  • Significance of great life: You should mention why great life is important.

Way Forward:

You should mention, role of different determinants to create great life:

  • Parents
  • Family
  • Teachers
  • Media
  • Community
  • Etc


  • In conclusion you should give you own opinion regarding the essay.

Today the world is suffering from many evils such as terrorism, atrocities against weaker sections, hatred and damage to environment. We are in dire need of, not very big actions by few but small acts by all of us based on basic human values. The accumulation of our tiny efforts may culminate to big action to help many in need and motivate rest for give true meaning of their lives.

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