1. Introduction of globalization and bring out in brief its evolution in India.
  2. Analyse how it has affected the various forms of mass media.
  3. Conclusion

Globalization is a process by which various cultures, societies and economies get integrated in a global network of trade and communication. Globalization in India followed the Liberalization of economy in 1990’s. It has transformed the mass media landscape by enormous growth in quantity and quality of media content available for consumption.

The various forms of mass media have been impacted by Globalization in different ways:

  • Print Media – The easy availability of print media like newspapers, magazine, and books from across the world has immensely helped in spreading information. Related issues include copyright infringements, issues of journalistic standards, ownership of publishing houses by industrialists and politicians etc.
  • Broadcast media – Liberalization of economy and consequent growth in the number of global players led to the exponential growth in the number of television channels – both Indian and foreign, thus giving more options to consumers. Indian cinema became a powerful vehicle for culture, education, leisure and propaganda. Boost to Indian television industry as glocalization occurred. There is a role of All India radio in reaching out to residents of other countries. For example “Akashvani Maitree”.
  • Challenges in Broadcast media include cultural-imperialism, crumpling of journalistic and investigative reporting and concentration of power with few media houses.
  • Digital Media-Internet and mobile mass media – Internet is quickly becoming the center of mass media in India. Internet has affected the traditional pattern of social interaction by capturing the social space via social websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram whereas at the same time it has greatly increased threats like cybercrime and fraud etc.

Globalization in the media has definitely got some negative aspects to it but however the advantages are way more and therefore there is a remarkable progress in development in all aspects.

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