The implications of climate change on society’s health have been addressed in a new IPCC study. Although the impact would be uniform, developing countries like India will confront substantial challenges. Climate change has already been proved to have a negative impact on people’s lives in studies.

Health and Climate Change: 

  1. Water shortages will result as temperatures People will be compelled to drink contaminated water, which could lead to a range of ailments.
  2. Many infections are spread by pollution during the rainy As rainfall intensifies as a result of climate change, so will the number of vectors that spread disease.

Increased Disease Load and Rising Temperatures:

  1. Consumption of contaminated water causes waterborne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, and Due of a scarcity, people consume them.
  2. Mosquitoes spread diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, fiiariasis, and chikungunya. They are on the rise due to an increase of mosquitoes as a result of the continued moist weather brought on by climate
  3. The combination of carbon sequestration and other toxic gases, as well as dust and pollen, can cause respiratory illnesses including asthma and bronchitis.
  4. As people are subjected to a hostile atmosphere, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular difficulties, malignancies, kidney problems, blood pressure, and so on increase.

As a result, there is a direct link between illness burden and climate change. Aside from the socioeconomic costs, the globe will have to deal with the advent of health problems.

Legacy Editor Changed status to publish July 6, 2023