1. Intro – define conscience & voice of conscience.
  2. Mention the points you would do to prepare yourself.
  3. Conclusion

Conscience refers to one’s inner sense of right or wrong. Voice of conscience is the inner guiding force that helps one find way about day to day ethically dilemmas.

I shall prepare myself to heed to my voice of conscience through the following :

  • Practicing emotional control – responding rather than reacting to situations.
  • Objectively evaluating thoughts and action – ensuring they are ethically sound.
  • Interacting with elderly – perceiving our future in them, to keep oneself respectful and mindful.
  • Spend time with children – helps re-learn sense of equality, truthfulness and innocence.
  • Keep reminding oneself of the days of struggle – while climbing the stairs of success, in order to stay grounded and humble.
  • Being open to countering opinion and to assess their merit rationally.
  • Practicing meditation – to keep mind calm and be in control in difficult circumstances.
  • Reading good books and listening to spiritual discourses – for we are a by-product of what we feed our mind.

Hence, adherence to one’s inner voice is key to inner peace, happiness and overall satisfaction in life.

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