Due to a balance of payment crisis and national debt, Sri Lanka is experiencing its greatest economic crisis since independence. Instability in Pakistan, a neighbouring neighbour of India, would have an impact on India.

India faces a security dilemma in its neighbourhood.

The refugee situation is escalating.

  • A large-scale refugee influx is projected in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. This would be akin to the LTTE era, when unfettered movement posed a significant security risk.

Riots and arson

  • Arson and riots are being perpetrated as a result of people’s rage. The security apparatus is befuddled, and the administration may soon lose control.

Militancy has been reignited.

  • The militancy could be reignited while the administration focuses on the economy. The rebels could take advantage of this opportunity to consolidate their control over northern territories.

India’s Approach to Sri Lanka

Extend financial assistance

  • India will continue to provide financial assistance to Sri Lanka since having a stable neighbour is in India’s best interests.

Maintain a stable regime

  • A stable regime must continue to make difficult choices. India must keep a close eye on the situation to see whether the administration is losing control.

Tamils’ rights must be respected.

  • Upholding the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils is likewise a top priority. If human rights are infringed, a new wave of uprisings and civil war could erupt.

As a result, India is concerned about the situation as well. Resolving the problem and restoring stability would also be crucial for regional security.

Legacy Editor Changed status to publish June 6, 2023