• India and Brazil enjoy robust and multifaceted relations, both bilaterally and within larger multilateral organizations such as the UN, WTO,
  • UNESCO, and WIPO. They also collaborate within forums like BRICS, BASIC, G-20, G-4, IBSA, International Solar Alliance, and Biofuture Platform.
  • Brazil is a significant trading partner for India in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Recent Developments

2+2 Meeting

  • India and Brazil held their inaugural ‘2+2’ dialogue, where defense and foreign ministers explored avenues for expanding cooperation in energy, critical minerals, technology, and counter-terrorism.
  • Discussions included military collaboration, space exploration, energy partnerships, vital minerals, technology transfer, counter-terrorism efforts, and regional and multilateral issues of mutual interest.

Sugar Dispute (WTO)

  • To address a sugar-related dispute at the WTO, Brazil proposed sharing its ethanol production technology with India.
  • This technology could assist India in utilizing surplus sugar to produce ethanol, thereby reducing competition in the international sugar market and aiding India’s management of excess sugar production.
  • Multi-Pillar Action Plan to Strengthen Strategic Partnership
  • India and Brazil signed agreements and announced 15 pacts across various sectors including oil and gas, mineral resources, traditional medicine, animal husbandry, bio-energy, and trade and investment.
  • These agreements underscore the commitment to deepening bilateral cooperation and enhancing strategic ties.


The shared values of democracy and pluralism between India and Brazil are fundamental in strengthening their strategic partnership.
Both nations are working towards enhancing defense industrial cooperation, marking a new focus in their bilateral relations.

Through these developments, India and Brazil are poised to further cement their comprehensive and strategic partnership.

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